More trash

January 05, 2019

In spite of all the guidelines, local ordinances, and reminders on how to dispose of garbage, especially the biodegradable and non-biodegradable, the New Year scenario for Metro Manila was one of a nightmare for environmentalists in these areas.

What is wrong with us as a people? Do we not appreciate our neighborhood, cities and our environs?

The people who indiscriminately throw their garbage wrapped in plastic should be arrested.

Do we not have enough laws on how to throw our garbage? Just look at Divisoria and some areas along Roxas Blvd. during the holidays.

It was a frustrating sight. Do we despise our neighborhood that much that we can’t even dispose of our trash properly?

Have we not learned that when you throw your trash this way, it goes back to you through floods? So who suffers? Our families, especially children, acquire diseases and other maladies.

I admire the patience of our garbage collectors who have to go back and forth to collect the trash especially after the holidays.

Some of our people, especially in the depressed areas are the first to suffer yet they never learn to segregate their trash. It take a big amount of discipline to learn how to segregate and respect our surroundings.

Even if we have all these beautification projects, there are those who simply won’t cooperate.

They just don’t seem to care. I can only surmise that they just hate their neighborhood not thinking that they themselves suffer the inconvenience of the dirt and smell surrounding them.

We are one of the most populated nations in this area so you can just imagine that without the discipline of throwing our trash properly, dirt and diseases will prevail.

And think of the smell. Sure, there are many out there doing their utmost best to instill discipline but some just don’t care.

You see, everything gets affected by the dirt of others. Even if many subdivisions have proper waste disposal, if the surrounding areas do not do their share, the air pollution still affects everyone. I highly recommend that barangay officials become more strict in imposing sanitation laws in their areas.

There are volunteers who can do this.

Have a contest on the cleanest street or neighborhood within Metro Manila. How about starting a cleanliness campaign in the Divisoria area? Go into urban planting with small pots if there are no space.

Yes, we have slogans like cleaning the area  fronting your homes but make sure the entire barangay joins the campaign.

Trash cans are not enough. We need movable trash collectors daily, not every other day, but daily. Isn’t there a saying that there is money in trash?

Then conduct seminars and workshops on how this can come about in various barangays, especially those critically unsanitary areas. Manila for one has a big income so give more cash incentives for the cleanest and most sanitary barangays.

Give them the proper tools as these are needed.

Have also a contest on innovative ways of recycling trash and yes, plant plant plant in pots and make the areas nice smelling and colorful.

If there’s a political will, there’s a way. Always.