Mourning the loss of a brave cop, but...

November 27, 2018

I join the entire police force in mourning the death of the late Senior Inspector Manuel Junior Taytayon and am offering my deepest sympathies to his bereaved family. However, in the interest of fair reporting, I would like to present the cause of death of the young Philippine National Police Academy graduate amid questions raised by Taytayon’s family on his killing.

A friend told me that the family of the 28-year-old Taytayon has sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation in investigating the incident citing initial findings that the victim suffered 4 gunshot wounds in the back and 2 in the front. One of the gunshot wounds in the upper back proved to be the fatal wound. In short, Taytayon’s family is claiming that although the latter had a face-to-face encounter with murder suspect Marc Delemios, why did it happen that he got shot 4 times in the back?

A post-mortem examination on the body of Taytayon conducted by the Crime Laboratory showed that Taytayon sustained 5 gunshot wounds, 1 on the trunk and 4 on the extremities and 1 grazed gunshot wound. The 4 gunshot wounds in the back include 1 that hit his upper back (the fatal wound), the back of his right thigh, the left side of his buttocks and the back of his left forearm. The 5th gunshot wound entered the victim’s left thigh while the 6th was a grazed gunshot wound in the left abdomen.

Taytayon’s relatives are saying his death is shrouded in mystery, insinuating that he could have been killed by ‘friendly fire.’ This prompted Southern Police District director, Senior Superintendent Ely Cuz to order all members of Taytayon’s team to submit their firearms for ballistics examination as part of standard procedure.

Cruz also ordered the Pasay City police chief to take the sworn statements of all policemen who took part in the raid and to reenact the crime scene. At the same time, he ordered the District Internal Affairs Service to conduct a motu-propio investigation into the incident, I learned.

Yesterday, the SPD Crime Laboratory Office released the results of the Firearms Identification System (FAIS) Examination on the recovered slugs and firearms casings at the scene of the shootout. It said that “two (2) fired bullets recovered from the body of Senior Inspector Taytayon were fired from the 9mm Taurus firearm recovered from the crime scene allegedly owned by the suspect (Delemios).

For the sake of justice, the Crime Lab needs to explain why Taytayon got the 4 gunshot wounds in his back and who fired those shots considering that only 2 bullets were found to have come from the suspect’s pistol. Let real justice be out here.

Yesterday, PNP chief, General Oscar Albayalde and NCRPO chief, Director Guilor Eleazar visited the wake of Senior Inspector Taytayon in a memorial chapel on Arnaiz Avenue, Pasay City. The visit came 2 days after the Pasay City police headed by Senior Supt. Noel Flores said that Taytayon died in the hands of a fugitive murder suspect prompting Gen. Albayalde to say that “we  mourn the loss of another police officer who exhibited larger than life human qualities when he offered the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty yesterday afternoon in Pasay City.”

Taytayon, a member of the PNP Academy Class 2012  succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds when he traded shots with Delemios, the confessed killer of Grab driver Gerardo Maquidato Jr. in October 2017.

The encounter took place at the 4th floor of Block 23, Lot 1 in Don Carlos Revilla Village in Barangay 148, Zone 4, Pasay City 2:20 p.m. last Sunday. According to reports, Taytayon suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died while being taken to the San Juan de Dios Hospital. However, before he was killed, the bemedaled officer managed to shoot Delemios to death.

May Taytayon’s soul rest in peace.