Nandy’s gunless society

December 22, 2018

For my Christmas column, I want to tell you about my longtime friend, Nandy Pacheco, the man behind the gunless society, and a citizen activist.

Recently, Nandy published his biography written by close friend, Gerry Lirio and TJ Burgoniom, and admirers. The book is called Nandy Pacheco.

In the book’s Foreword written by prominent columnist Randy David, he writes that Nandy takes the role of citizen seriously. “He believes that politics need not be the dirty game it is perceived to be today.

On the contrary, he thinks politics is the perfect tool to be used to serve the common good—indeed, the only arena in which citizens may regularly offer their view on society’s problems, and participate in the decision-making process that shapes the collective life of the community.

To him, political participation is not just a right, but also the essential duty of every citizen,” writes David.

And Nandy’s life is all about that. His main advocacy of peace through a gunless society makes him walk his talk, so to speak. His wife, Priscilla Reyes, has been his inspiration in pursuing his dream for his country. After serving in the communication departments of international corporations and organizations, Nandy knows how to go about fulfilling his dreams.

After all, he has seen how it can work due to his exposures in the corporate and non-government world.

A booklover, lawyer, public relations practitioner, and communicator par excellence, Nandy knows the world of communication like no other. His media relations skills are well known, as seen in the many media personalities present during his book launch.

A staunch Catholic, Nandy has institutionalized his gunless society advocacy through the Kapatiran Party where he helped support the candidacy of like-minded candidates in the past elections.

Even as he has retired from his many advocacies, he is still around, calling up his media friends, explaining his dream of a gunless society and he is even helping in spreading the true definition of peace, which should be Christ’s peace and not the peace that the world knows.

This being the season of Christmas, Nandy’s long journey for peace is still going strong, especially today where we are seeing a culture of apathy.

And yes, if we really want the real kind of peace, it should really begin within each and everyone of us, as Nandy’s life is showing. It is an endless pursuit as there are so many challenger along the way. To one and all, and as Nandy would say, during this holiday season, may Christ’s peace be with us all.