Is the ‘Narcovideo’ one grand deception?

IF the elections were held today, yours truly, as well as the millions of our countrymen, believe there is no way that any of the ‘Otso Diretso’ senatorial candidates of the discredited ‘Liberal Party’ can win.

For how can they, when by now, most Filipinos have finally awokened to the fact that they have been victims of a massive and unceasing ‘deception’ by the ‘Yellows’ for more than 30 years now (according to the estimate of patriot columnist, Ka Mentong Laurel) centered on extolling the fake “heroism” of Sen. Ninoy Aquino, the “tyranny” of the Marcos years and the “virtues” of their narrow version of democracy centered on the rule of the elite.

This deception comes in many forms, mainly with the help of the mainstream media, all of which, by the way, are now in the firm hands of the elite, the same small number of families who also now control the “strategic sectors” of our economy -- transportation, banking and finance, manufacturing, water, electricity, telecommunications, etc., etc.

With their total control of the vital entrails of our economy, it goes without saying that the elite are also in near total control of our political life thru the effective cheating machinery the Yellows have put in place: the ‘Smartmatic-Comelec Syndicate.’

I put the “qualifier,” ‘near total control’ by the elite of our political life and their political minions, the Yellows, because the election by Pres. Duterte in 2016 had rendered this cheating machinery inutile.

Faced with this new “reality” -- that the Palace occupant is not “one of the boys” whom they can just order around -- the elite and the Yellows have immediately banded together to make the Duterte presidency a failure from the moment it tool office.

And the coming midterm election would be the “testing ground” as to the success -- or failure -- of their unceasing campaign to make life miserable to the majority of our people and to Pres. Duterte personally.

The “yardstick” is quite simple, dear readers -- if the Otso Diretso succeeds in electing their ilk in the Senate, then their campaign is succeeding; if none of them gets elected, it is Pres. Duterte who has succeeded.

But whatever the result, one thing is sure: these traitorous elements would not stop until they have regained power.

However, it is their looming debacle at the polls that I believe is also foremost in the minds of these enemies of the people, dear readers.

And to prevent this, they have resorted -- and continue to resort -- to all sorts of gimmickry and diversionary tactics to capture the public’s attention, the latest of which was that stupid attempt by the Otso Diretso clowns to go to Pag-Asa island in the West Philippine Sea.

But if this incident is their clowning glory, the one that caught the attention of most people is their ‘Narcovideo’ production series featuring one alias ‘Bikoy’ and the now fugitive and disgraced police officer, Jojo Acierto.

At bottom, the objective of this video is to discredit the campaign against illegal drugs and those who are implementing it -- the entire government.

On a personal level, it is aimed at discrediting Pres. Duterte, his family and the administration candidates who, as early as now, are seen to win the Senate contest like ex-SAP Bong Go and ex-Chief PNP Bato dela Rosa.

And giving credit to where credit is due, this propaganda has struck a sensitive chord among us. For who is not concerned about the menace of illegal drugs?

But for its utter lack of credibility, it could have succeeded.

Now, its release made me into thinking, dear readers. What if this Narcovideo series is yet another grand diversion by the elite and the Yellow Hoard to cover their grander plan of stealing the midterm election result thru the still entrenched Smartmatic-Comelec syndicate?

For as I said at the beginning of this piece, there is no way that the Otso Diretso can win if the elections were held today.

And the only way for any of them to sneak into the Senate is not by the true expression of the people’s will but thru the same means that has put them into power in the first place -- via election cheating thru their mechanism already in place -- the PCOS machines of Smartmatic and the collaboration of their confederates in the Comelec.

On this, it is not only KDP senatorial candidate, Atty. Glenn Chong, who has a mouthful of uncontroverted words to say about this “syndicate.”  There are also Senate President Tito Sotto, ex-senator Bongbong Marcos and lately, ex-senator Serge Osmeña, who said he was also “cheated” in the 2016 polls by the Comelec and Smartmatic.

But how are the Otso Diretso gangmates going to implement their nasty plan? By diverting our attention to another issue --illegal drugs involving no less than the President himself.

Indeed, I am not surprise that as soon as ‘Bikoy’ and Acierto came out with their first Narcovideo, calls for a Senate probe were immediately made by the LPs and their Senate confederates.

Kumbaga, halatang halata naman sila masyado, hehehe!

But let us remain vigilant, dear readers. The way I see it, this Narcovideo brouhaha is just another grand diversion. Let us make sure it does not succeed.