National Parks Development Commitee chief Belmonte and NAIA-BoC’s Talusan make women proud

I would like to congratulate the leadership of the National Parks Development Commitee (NPDC) under its executive director Penelope Belmonte, whose continuing efforts to improve Philippine tourism industry and strengthen its position on the global map was cited recently.

Belmonte herself received the Gawad Filipino Award as ‘’Natatanging Filipina na May Malasakit sa Turismo’ and in doing so, shared her award with Tourism Secretary Bernadette Puyat as well as everybody who supported NPDC’s endeavors since she assumed the post as its head.

‘Lord para sa inyo po ito. Thank you po Lord God. I believe in the people who work with me and I share this award with them. I believe that a person can achieve great things if he or she is surrounded by people who believe in his or her capacity as a leader. With this, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and everyone. My thanks to Secretary Bernadette Puyat, our DoT secretary, for the unwavering support and building policies that matter to this industry. We are one with the DoT in this endeavor.  To Gawad Filipino Award, Thank You very much. The victory of NPDC is also the victory of all. Rest assured that I will never falter, will always be fierce, and will continue to serve with courage and compassion,’ Belmonte said in her speech.

In fairness, Belmonte truly deserves such an award and more, given how the NPDC is currently being run and all the positive changes she introduced, regardless of the fact that she receives threats for doing what is right and cleansing the agency of all forms of corruption, pursuant of course to President Rodrigo Duterte’s marching orders.

Congratulations to Belmonte.  Moreso, congratulations to the DoT and to President Duterte for having someone like her at the helm of the NPDC!

* * *

Another praiseworthy lady official worth lauding is Bureau of Customs-NAIA district collector Mimel Talusan, who only days ago, was once again commended, globally, due to the recent seizure of 757 live venomous tarantulas from Poland. It’s just that for Talusan, her job at the BoC is a never-ending learning experience and apparently, this is what she wants her subordinates to adopt.

Through her administration of the port of NAIA, its personnel will certainly be expected to perform at their best to improve revenue collection, trade facilitation, border protection and promote ease of doing business in the port.

In the previous weeks, the Customs-NAIA was indeed ‘in action’ as it launched measures aimed at professionalizing its ranks by means of various forms of educating its frontliners.

Talusan said the third batch of the ‘Airport Operations Seminar for NAIA personnel’ was held on April 2 to 4, 2019.  In the said seminar, the following topics were discussed: history of BoC, CMTA and its provisions; profiling techniques; arrival, departure, baggage and aircraft operations; code of conduct in the passenger services; non-intrusive examination; handling and custody of drug evidence and crimes and offenses.

Regular inspection of ‘NAIA Bonded Warehouses’ are also conducted to monitor strict compliance of Customs processes.

To date, Customs NAIA has 35 record-breaking drug busts from March 2018 to March 2019 and so far, Talusan has kept her word that she and her officers will be working  24/7 to protect the borders.

These two women officials working in the government of President Duterte makes not only the President proud but women in general as well. Now who says that men are always better than women? Hmmmm????

* * *

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Jokjok (from Susan Hontiveros of Marikina City) -- Nanay:  Hoy Pedro! Di ka ba nahihiya?! Nakikita ng mga kapitbahay natin na akong nanay mo, linis ako nang linis dito, tapos ikaw naman laro ka lang nang laro diyan!?/ Anak:  ‘Nay talaga oo, Eh hindi kaya mas nakakahiya kung akong anak ang makikita ng mga kapitbahay na linis nang linis diyan tapos ikaw naman ang laro nang laro dito?! Isip-isip din pag may time, ‘nay!

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