National Parks Development Committee celebrates children

November 24, 2018

Kudos to the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) for its unique observance of the 26th National Children’s Month.

Apart from conducting a ‘Children’s Parade Against Child Prostitution’ , November 22, at the said agency’s compound, a forum on anti-child pornography law was likewise held, under the supervision of NPDC-Gender and Development chief Sheila Ferrer.

NPDC Executive Director Penelope Belmonte said that also in line with the occasion, said activities are aimed at drumming up support for the protection of children against all forms of abuses and exploitation.

The twin activities held from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at the GAD Office inside NPDC compound’s Open Air auditorium were joined by at least 700 children from park stakeholders, students from Araullo High School, Manila High School and the Manila Science High School and the employees from the NPDC.  Also participating were members of the Gawad Kalinga, streetchildren from Rizal Park vicinity and representatives from various women’s group among them Gabriela, as well as victims of sexual abuse from the provinces.

Belmonte said the NPDC not only promotes Rizal Park as a tourist destintion but also as a park that is totally-free from any form of violence.

Noting how ‘sex tourism’ and child prostitution still exists and how children still fall victim to sexual abuses, Belmonte stressed the need to drum up support for the increased protection of children against sex predators.

‘First of all, we need to create awareness on the part of the children so that they will not fall victims to abuses and also on the part of the parents who are expected to protect their children against falling victims to abuses and exploitation,’ she said. Belmonte lamented that there are some parents or guardians who themselves subject their children or wards to sexual abuses and exploitation in exchange for money.

‘Our activities are also aimed at discouraging this kind of illicit activity and  making the public fully aware that using the innocent children for such purposes is punishable by law,’Belmonte stresses.

* * *

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