nCoV spurs paranoia, instant experts and Chinese bashing

February 04, 2020

All forms of social media, group chats and even table discussions these days seem to center on only one subject — the 2019 novel corona virus.

It’s funny how all of a sudden, so many have become ‘ínstant experts’ on the issue. I’ve lost count as to how many ‘medical experts’ have advised this and that, supposedly to prevent or cure the said illness.  Why, there are even alleged ‘home medicines’ or ‘home treatments’to fight the virus.

Also flooding social media are supposed ‘information’  about the real number of victims who have either been afflicted or died due to the said virus which originated from Wuhan, China.

If you will believe all you read, you will not even attempt to go out of your house anymore. Many of these will really scare the hell out of you, if you are gullible. Such is the effect that people went into panic-buying of face masks and even alcohol and sanitizers.

This, in turn, triggered profiteering which resulted in an artificial shortage of face masks, causing more fear on the part of the general public and chaos among the panic buyers.

Over the weekend, a netizen uploaded a video showing an Oriental-looking guy wearing a face mask lying unconscious on the ground.  The uploader claimed to have sought help from the police and even a private charity entity but said that no one responded.

No one dared to touch the guy or even come near to check if he was still breathing, apparently for fear that he might be Chinese and has fallen victim to the dreaded corona virus. The uploader was in fact in a sort of panicky mode that the man lying unconscious on the ground could be a carrier of the said virus and thus was desperately calling on authorities to remove him from the area.

Funnily, it was learned that the guy later awoke, got up and walked away casually, apparently unaware of the brouhaha he had caused. Reports had it that he was actually drunk and fell asleep on the sidewalk.Tsk!

Come to think of it, if indeed the guy was Chinese and was ill due to the virus, it seems that we really should expect that no one would dare to even go near him for fear of getting the virus himself. This means that the guy would be left to rot right on the sidewalk, by his lonesome self.

The virus issue which might not die down sooner than we hope, has also spawned discrimination, hate and bashing, all aimed at Chinese nationals and members of the Chinese-Filipino community.

The gravity of the situation has come to a point that no less than Mayor Isko Moreno himself had called for a stop to all the bashing, discrimination and hate, stressing that it is not helping in the situation at hand.

Notably, members of the Chinese-Filipino community were the first to step up and come up with huge donations of face masks and other forms of support and needs to protect the public from getting the virus.

There is also certainty in the fact that no one from China ever wanted their country to be the source of all sorts of deadly virus as in fact, its government has shown humility in appealing for worldwide help to address the problem which has affected many other countries.

I don’t know which is more contagious — the corona virus or the spreading of unverified information and fake news?

We Filipinos are overly sensitive when we are discriminated against by other nationalities and yet, here we are lambasting Chinese nationals and even Chinese-Filipinos with unprecedented meanness and gusto.

‘Do not do unto others what you would not want others to do unto you’ is an oft-repeated adage that sadly, many of us have forgotten.


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Jokjok (from Bernard Fabros of Timog, Quezon City)—Quote for the day— Hindi ka manlalamig sa taong mahal mo, kung wala kang pinag-iinitang bago. ‘Yan ang tinawag na CLIMATE CHANGE, Dala ng “Malanding Panahon”.


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