Nearly 57% reduction in carnapping cases noted but watch out for ‘Rent-Tangay, Rent-Sangla’ scheme

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde has lauded the PNP Highway Patrol Group headed by Brigadier General Roberto B. Fajardo for its intensified anti-carnapping campaign which has led in the nearly 57 percent reduction in motor vehicle theft last Monday compared to the same period in 2018.

According to the PNP chief, there were only 19 carnapping incidents recorded last month compared to the 44 cases investigated by the PNP-HPG in May 2018 and credited it to the Unit’s intensified effort to account for most wanted car thieves and other personalities behind motor vehicle and motorcycle theft nationwide.

It means there were very few incidents of motor vehicles and motorcycles being stolen at gunpoint or thru intimidation or being stolen while parked in different parts of the country.

However, Fajardo said their job is not yet done as he asked the public to be wary of the presence of syndicates involved in so-called ‘Rent-Sangla/Rent-Tangay’ schemes which carry the less serious offense of estafa unlike carnapping which is already non-bailable.

Fajardo said while cases of carnapping went down by 30 percent in 2018 compared to 2017, they noted a significant increase in the arrest of personalities involved in ‘Rent-Sangla/Rent-Tangay and Assume Balance’ schemes.

Fajardo said in 2018, a total of 155 vehicles involved in such schemes were recovered and 36 had been returned to the owners.

“Actually carnapping nag-mutate na, naging car scam na ngayon so we are now looking ‘yung mga Rent Sangla, Rent Tangay. Car scam na ang tawag namin kasi na-maneuver na nila ‘yung hindi sila makasuhan ng carnapping so karamihan ng kaso is estafa lang which is a bailable case.  Hindi na carnapping e kasi ‘yung carnapping is non-bailable so ngayon more on estafa kaya tinitingnan natin yung syndicated estafa file natin ng kaso para non-bailable pa rin,” the PNP-HPG director said.

Under the ‘Rent -Sangla’ scheme or modus, the perpetrators rent vehicles with a promise of monthly payment. But without the knowledge of the owners, they pawn the vehicle to another person. In the ‘Rent-Tangay’ modus, the perpetrators rent vehicles and flee with these, the SUVs, wagons or cars ending up in different parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where they are being sold to both witting and unwitting buyers.

Fajardo said there is also the ‘Assume-Balance’ scheme where the perpetrators pay a down payment and have a person apply for bank financing with the promise of paying that person.

The perpetrators would fail to pay the balance, compelling the bank to go after those who took out the bank loan.

Last week, agents of the PNP-HPG Special Operations Division-Task Force Limbas arrested a 43-year-old businesswoman accused of involvement in a ‘Rent-Sangla/Rent-Tangay’ scheme during an entrapment operation in Quezon City, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

Mavin Singayan, a businesswoman residing at no. 211 Mayon Street, Sta. Teresita, Q.C. turned out to have been previously arrested by HPG SOD-Task Force Limbas operatives for a similar offense on September 11 last year but managed to post bail for her temporary release.

Fajardo said that following a complaint from one Alvin Roa, the HPG SOD-Task Force Limbas headed by Lieutenant Colonel Ali Jose A. Duterte conducted the entrapment operation in Sampaloc, Manila that led in the arrest of Singayan  Wednesday last week..

It turned out that a complainant was deceived by the suspect on November 26, 2018 into assuming the payment of the amortization for her Toyota Hi-Ace commuter van. After being given an initial P80,000 down payment, the suspect promised the complainant that the ownership of the van will be transferred to his name after its bank payment is totally settled.

The victim who religiously paid the P27,000 monthly amortization to the suspect filed the complaint after discovering from the Toyota Financial Service that the suspect had defaulted on her payment since June 2018. The sting was set after the suspect last June 14 again called up the complainant and demanded P120,000 from him saying that it was a discounted advance payment for six months. She even threatened the complainant that he will report to the PNP-HPG that the van he is using is a ‘colorum vehicle.’

Fajardo said that the suspect will be facing charges for robbery-extortion and estafa. She is now being held at the HPG headquarters.