Need for pro-worker laws

May 03, 2019

ALTHOUGH the working class is the creator of wealth in society, many workers, notably those in the rural areas, often find themselves deprived of even the barest necessities for daily survival.

This is certainly ironic since the strength of this impoverished but natural resources-rich Southeast Asian nation has always depended on the hard work, grit and perseverance of our labor force.

No less than President Duterte acknowledged the plight of our workers whom he said have remained the same through the years, forcing many of them to look for greener pastures in foreign lands.

But he was quick to tell the public on Labor Day last May 1 that his administration has implemented measures to afford full protections to labor and promote equal work opportunities for all.

President Duterte urged the two-chamber Congress to pass pieces of legislation that would fully protect the rights of workers, including security of tenure and right to self-organization.

“May this solemn observance inspire all of us to work together in improving the plight of our workers by creating an environment conducive to their… growth development,” he added.

He said we celebrate Labor Day as a tribute to our workers for their valuable contributions not only in the struggle to provide a better life for our people, but in building the foundations of a more promising future for succeeding generations of Filipinos.

Thus, members of Congress-- senators and congressmen-- have no choice but to heed the appeal of the tough-talking but pro-poor Chief Executive from Davao City in Mindanao.

We share the view of many sectors that concerned government authorities, including our lawmakers, cannot ignore the demands of the suffering working class.