New Criminal Investigation and Detection Group chief

November 29, 2018

IT is said that one cannot be an effective crime buster if he/she is not a great investigator.

That’s why many well-meaning and prominent Filipinos lauded the appointment of Chief Supt. Amador V. Corpus as head of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

Since graduating from the elite Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in 1986, the strict but fair Corpus has proven his worth as a crime buster, a great investigator and a nation-builder.

When he was director of the Police Regional Office 3 in Central Luzon, Corpus led his officers and men in solving many major crimes, including the murder of a priest and a politician.

With his designation as new PNP-CIDG head, vice his newly-retired mistah Director Roel B. Obusan, the workaholic Corpus will earn his second star or the rank of police director.

Heading the PNP-CIDG, he said, is certainly a milestone in his career as a lawman that he never expected to reach, but he is very proud of it, pledging “to perform with all my heart.”

Known for his disciplinary ways and uncanny ways to solve crimes, Corpus is feared by even notorious criminals but respected by his men and idolized by peace-loving people.

The CIDG is the premier investigative arm of the 190,000-member Philippine National Police (PNP), which is civilian in nature but national in scope, under Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde.

Like other Filipinos, we believe that Corpus has concrete plans of action on how the CIDG will speed up the investigation of corruption, illegal drugs, economic sabotage and other major crimes.

In the view of many, it’s one way of eradicating criminality in this labor-exporting Southeast Asian nation as ordered by President Duterte and General Albayalde.