‘A new era in Sino-Philippines relations’

November 19, 2018

BAGO ang lahat, ‘harinawa” naman na “maresolba” ng Calamba PNP, sa pangunguna ni COP Supt. Harold Depositar, ang insidente ng ‘Akyat-Bahay’ sa loob ng Indigo Bay Subd., Bagong Kalsada, noong Sabado ng madaling araw kung saan ang “nabiktima,” Boss Gus V at Mommy Tess L., ay ating kasama na si Vic Reyes.

At nagpapapasalamat naman tayo kay kasamang Alfred Dalizon sa kanyang mabilis na “responde” kung saan “nagdatingan” naman ang mga pulis-Calamba -- matapos ang insidente, ‘yun lang, hehehe!

“Notoryus” sa pagiging marahas at “bayolente” ang mga kriminal sa Laguna, PD Eleazar Matta, kaya “salamat” pa rin at hindi “napahamak” ang mga naiwang “taong-bahay” nang dumating at “maghalughog” ang mga kriminal.

“Nahagip” din umano sa ‘CCTV surveillance camera’ ang mga suspek kaya bago muling “maghasik ng lagim” harinawang matuldukan na ang kawalanghiyaan ng mga ito.

At nabanggit ko ba, PD Matta, na kahit d’yan sa Biñan City, “nagkalat” din ang mga armadong kriminal at Akyat-Bahay kung saan dalawang marahas na insidente ang naitala sa loob ng ‘Ireneville Subdivision,’ ngayong taong ito.

Kumusta na rin pala ang relasyon mo sa ‘local media?’ Naayos na ba, hehehe.

* * *

As you were reading this, dear readers, Chinese president, Xi Jinping, is in the country on an official, state visit, the second for the leader of the world’s rising global power since Pres. Jiang Zemin was cordially received by then president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in July 2015.

With the regime of Noynoy Aquino, a “true blooded America stooge,” successful in its “wreaking operation” in our relationship with China -- dating back, take note, dear readers, to more than 200 years before Magellan set foot on our soils -- this two-day visit by Pres. Xi is indeed a historic milestone in our bilateral relationship.

And this visit, of course, is a ‘return compliment’ by Pres. Xi over the successful state visit to China by PDU30 in October 2016, a visit that opened the new, vigorous relations of China and the Philippines.

Xi will be in Manila to sign “big ticket” projects in the Philippines worth several hundreds of billions of pesos, such as the P175-Billion-600-Kilometer Manila to Matnog-Sorsogon; revival of the legendary Bicol Express; and, the Centennial Water Supply Kaliwa Dam Project, among others, which will be the major source of water of Manila.

In my last month as president of the National Press Club (NPC), I was pleased to note that we were able to sign an ‘MOU’ (Memorandum of Understanding’) between the NPC and the ‘All China Journalists Association’ (ACJA) last May.

And giving credit where credit is due, kudos of course, to the “all-out support” given to this visit by the ACJA by the office of PCOO secretary, Martin Andanar, incidentally, also a proud lifetime member of the NPC.

* * *

Since President Duterte introduced the practice of independent foreign policy for the Philippines, Filipinos have gained so much in terms of goodwill of not only China and Russia but all other countries across the globe. In sum, this new foreign policy approach by our President has given back to us what we have always wanted: RESPECT.

And yes, we have regained the world’s respect without giving up our friendly, though sometimes rough, relations with the United States.

Critics can continue to throw all sorts of “negativism” as much as they want but the reality today is that, the Philippines has become a truly sovereign and independent country in the eyes of the world and has been reaping the benefits of the hand of friendship and support of China, Russia, our Asian neighbors and even a “faction” of states in the European Union and some circles in Washington.

Of course, it is important to mention that there are still issues between China and the Philippines that must be resolved, but the Asean and the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs have taken clear and proper steps with China to set up the venues for a peaceful and friendly resolution of these issues.

Along this line, much is expected from the annual Philippine-China bilateral talks where all issues can be resolved through dialogue and discussion -- and away from the hysterics of bigots and racists.

But the most productive aspect of recent Philippine-China relations are the mutually beneficial economic and trade developments which has seen China and Hong Kong become the top trade partner and top importer of Philippine products.

And this is no wishful claim dear readers, considering that this was the report made by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in its “Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics” just August of this year.

Accordingly, China and Hong Kong combined has imported products worth 1.8 Billion US Dollars from the Philippines for August 2018, an immense increase compared to figures reported a year before. The United States is a distant second in terms of imports for the Philippines, just $ 934 million.

Aside from this, overall tourist arrivals in the Philippines surged by 16 percent, boosted by the 56 percent increase in Chinese travelers, according to the Department of Tourism, with targets of at least 1.5 million Chinese tourists this year.

And we expect the numbers of Chinese visitors -- and the level of China’s political and economic support -- to increase further as a result of the heightened level of friendship between our two countries.

This is indeed worth watching. Translation? Abangan!!!