No to a DFA secretary named Albayalde?

October 09, 2018

MANY friends whispered to my ears that during his talk with Peemayers in Malacañang last week, they were surprised when President Duterte suddenly blurted out that PNP chief General Oscar Albayalde can be the next Foreign Affairs secretary.

It was during the same occasion wherein the former Davao City mayor announced that retiring Army chief Lieutenant General Rolly Bautista of Philippine Military Academy ‘Sandiwa’ Class of 1985 would be the incoming secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The President had earlier said that he would appoint Bautista as National Food Authority (NFA) administrator but apparently, he changed his mind and instead decided to pick the latter as his incoming DSWD chief.

I have no authority to question the President’s decision, remember the word presidential prerogative. However, it appears that the fighting former Davao City mayor may apparently have forgotten or was not told beforehand that Gen. Albayalde would be only retiring from the service on November 8 next year— the 22nd PNP chief actually would be marking his 55th birthday only next month.

Right now, Gen. Albayalde is busy leading the PNP’s ongoing campaign against crime and corruption as well as its effort to keep the forthcoming 2019 mid-term elections as honest and as peaceful as possible.

As I have always been saying, that of the PNP chief is considered to be a very influential job, next only to the Philippine president since he wields tremendous power in the country.  Thus, several considerations have to be made in the selection, foremost of which is the retirement age of the candidate and the President’s trust and confidence in him.

Age is not Gen. Albayalde’s problem. He will be retiring on November 8, 2019, meaning since last April 19,  he will have at least 19 months as Chief,PNP if he will be allowed by the President to retire at the age of 56.

At present, the man known as  ‘Odie or Oca’ to many friends and peers is doing a fine job in leading the PNP’s massive war on drugs, criminality, terrorism and corruption  Thus, I can’t imagine Gen. Albayalde talking diplomacy with leaders of foreign countries and their ambassadors particularly those which have questioned the PNP’s campaign against drugs which have so far resulted in the jailing of more than 155,000 known drug dealers and users and the killing of nearly 5,000 armed suspects since July 2016.

I believe that he may have all the qualifications to become a government official after his retirement in November next year but not as DFA secretary.  He, most likely, would end up literally as a ‘square peg on a round hole’ at the DFA world of diplomats.


On a personal note, I would like to thank my friends from the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group led by my friends, Chief Superintendent Marni Marcos and Senior Supt. Joel Doria for immediately helping a teenager in distress last Monday. May her case also serve as a lesson to others.

I sought the help of the PNP-ACG after my youngest daughter called me up and expressed worry about the case of a classmate of one of her friends. It turned out that the poor beautiful Grade 12 student was shocked to discover from some friends that her face has been splashed in a porn site under the title ‘Boso.’

I learned that the poor student in uniform was on her way to school in Manila on board a jeepney when she took a nap. This was taken advantage of by another man, obviously a fellow passenger who surreptitiously took video of her face and her underwear and legs.

That evil person later posted the video in a porn site for the whole world to see. I learned that shortly after it was posted, the video had already more than 1,000 views. Thru the help of the PNP-ACG, the video was immediately taken down from the website and our Cybercops are doing their best to track down the suspect. My daughter told me that the victim cried after seeing that the video has been taken down from the web. She also profusely thanked our family and of course, the PNP-ACG.

I learned that there are some evil persons out there who are secretly taking videos of female jeepney passengers once they close their eyes and take a nap during heavy traffic. The culprits focus on the legs, the exposed bras or underwear of the victims, their faces.These persons would then upload their video on internet, some apparently getting paid or some simply getting the thrill out of it. This is not a simple laughing matter and should be taken up seriously by our authorities and the entire public.