No more ‘tollgate’

February 26, 2020

WITH his decision to do away with “tollgate” and “favoritism” in the hiring of new city hall personnel, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso continues to fire the imagination of more and more people.

Moreno’s consistently “uncompromising stand” against wrongdoing in the government service is acknowledged to be one of the many reasons why he is being idolized by Manilans and other Filipinos.  

In Manila, gone are the days when job applicants will have to give their one or even two months’ salary, tagged by veteran city hall observers as “tollgate,” to sweet-talking “facilitators,” according to Moreno.

With the “tollgate,” a “facilitator” helps a job applicant in getting a particular position.

“We are doing this so as to widen our options and have more chances to get the best people qualified to do the job,” said the local chief executive, who used to roam the streets of Tondo, Manila as a scavenger.

Moreno also said that unlike in the past, when city hall vacancies were hidden and sold, “this time around, they are being announced to the public and even posted on social media” for the benefit of jobseekers.

The actor-turned-public servant lamented that “ang may tsansa lang (noon) na ma-promote ay ‘yung taga-bitbit ng bag ni sir o ni madame, ‘yung kainuman sa gabi. Those days are gone.”

Bowing to popular outcry, Mayor Moreno’s crusade against shenanigans in the government service is ample proof that he belongs to a new breed of dedicated and well-meaning public servants.

But despite his successes, achievements and popularity, the people, particularly his constituents in Manila, don’t see him taking advantage of his position for private gain.

Thus, the Filipino people have no choice but to support Mayor Moreno’s programs and projects aimed at speeding up the socio-economic development of the country’s premier city.