No short cut in recovery

WHILE the country is preparing for the government’s plan to further ease restrictions next month, the World Health Organization (WHO) surprised many by urging Filipinos to continue staying at home.

The global health regulator said cases of coronavirus disease 2019 continue to multiply in the Philippines and suggested we remain inside our houses.

According to the WHO, the number of infected Filipinos is not ‘rapidly’ decreasing. This is contrary to reports by authorities suggesting we have flattened the curb in the spread of the virus.

Such false reports led businesses to gear up to reopen and employees to anticipate going back to work after the last day of May.

The last day of this month marks the end of the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) in most parts of the archipelago.

By next week, many of us expect the implementation of the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) to allow much greater mobility.

This is based on the false belief that we are on the path of recovery. Besides, there are reports of people going hungry and government funds to feed them are running out.

Of course, we could not deny the fact that all of us are itching to go out and enjoy the fun we used to have before the pandemic.

But what about the WHO saying the exact opposite?

Aside from staying at home, Dr. Takeshi Nishijima, WHO Western Pacific technical officer, said it is important for Filipinos to practice preventive measures against COVID-19.

He said we should be aware of the potential of “having large number of new cases again.” Of course he’s referring to the second wave.

So are we going out or staying home? What’s it gonna be?

I’ll share what Petron Corporation had to say about having fast recovery. From there, I’ll let you decide what road to take.

Petron recently provided a more realistic point of view about bouncing back after incurring a P4.9 billion loss in the first quarter of this year.

The loss was attributed to the more than three-month lockdowns here and abroad which caused decline in demand and rise in fuel price.

Despite this, Ramon Ang, president and chief executive officer of Petron, is not inclined to speed up things for recovery.  

Recovery is something we can’t rush, according to Ang. Considering the kind of situation we have, Ang said doing things in haste can imperil the lives of more Filipinos.

Right now, the most important is the health of our people, he added.

Ang could have simply recalled what history taught us about viruses— they don’t go away that fast, and that if we become careless, they could infect and kill more of our countrymen.

Now, does he need to say more?

By the way, Ang is also president of San Miguel Corporation which is the parent company of Petron. The conglomerate is getting praises for its initiatives in helping the Filipino people win the fight against the outbreak.


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