Old and new

December 29, 2018

Goodbye to old damaging habits such as procrastination, anxiety, laziness and others. Welcome to new habits of mindfulness, breathing properly, exercise, and positive thinking.

Easy to write but when it comes to implementation, now that’s another matter. I feel though that old habits will really make way for new ones because it is needed and a must do in order to survive old age and stress especially in the kind of environment we live in.

For the past year, I have been browsing the internet daily for positive articles and some helped and others I just breeze through.

Take the case of procrastination. It is so easy to leave for another time what can be done for today.

But when deadline approaches, you get stressed and pressured but you just have to do it and you do it. This always happens so don’t blame me if you see me pressured and stressed.

I know it is my fault but since I always manage to get away with it, I just can’t stop.

So what happens. You get stressed. Your wrinkles increase and you look worried. Not a good thing for your looks.

So you just have to end your procrastination. Lessons learned. No self-blaming as it will add to your stress.Now  you know what my New Year’s resolution will be. Stop procrastinating. Just this one resolution and believe me, if this works for 2019, then I will lead a peaceful stress-free life. Hopefully.

As we say goodbye to 2018, let me end with what I read recently and it is called “Magsaysay Credo”. President Ramon Magsaysay was one of our country’s well-loved and popular presidents due to his simple way of life and love for peace and order. Let me just cite some of his beliefs which I hope we will put into practice as a citizen of a still blessed Philippines. Here are some of his insights and may I greet everyone a better Philippines for all for 2019.

“I believe that government starts at the bottom and moves upward, for government exists basically for the welfare of the masses of the nation.”

“I believe that he who has less in life should have more in law.”

“I believe that the little man is fundamentally entitled to a little more food in his stomach, a little more clothing on his back, and a little more roof over his head.”

“I believe that this nation is endowed with a vibrant and stout heart, and possesses untapped capabilities and incredible resiliency.”

“I believe that a high and unwavering sense of morality should pervade all spheres of governmental activity.”

“I believe that the pulse of government should be strong and steady, and the men at the helm imbued with missionary zeal.”

“I believe in the majesty of constitutional and legal processes, in the inviolability of human rights.”

“I believe that the free world is collectively strong, and that there is neither need nor reason to compromise the dignity of man.”

“I believe that communism is iniquity as is the violence it does to the principles of Christianity.”

“I believe that the President must set the example of a big heart, an honest mind, sound instincts, the virtue of healthy impatience, and an abiding love for the common man.”