Only GP shows allowed

April 15, 2019

Buses, trains, ships and planes.

These are the modes of public transport for an archipelagic country like the Philippines.

And these mass transport systems easily turn into an entertainment or theatrical platform for wrong passengers.

The seating configuration for most of these mass transport vehicles approximates that of a theater or cinema.

Therefore, it is only logical for transport management to offer cinematic treats or feature films during trips.

But since these mass transport systems all carry “general patronage” audiences, the film or cinematic content must necessarily cater to a general audience of all ages.

In short, extremely violent, sexually oriented, and other highly controversial content must never be shown to passengers-audiences throughout the length of the trip.

Transport service providers must exercise ethical and cultural sensitivity in offering entertainment or amusement to their passengers.

The National Capital Region Police Office has advised bus companies and their staff to show only wholesome films on-board provincial buses so as not to scandalize parents and children travelling this Holy Week.

It is common practice for the bus staff to play local and foreign movies in order to keep the usually bored passengers entertained during the long trip.

However, it has been observed that some movies played during these long trips are not for general patronage.

Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, NCRPO director, raised the issue amid complaints that movies with extreme violence and sex contents are sometimes screened in provincial buses, which have raised some eyebrows.

“We urge them to pick films that are child-friendly. They should be responsible enough what to show for their passengers, especially with the presence of children passengers,” Eleazar said.

To ensure compliance, Eleazar has ordered policemen to monitor buses in terminals in Metro Manila to remind the drivers and their conductors about NCRPO's guidelines on decency.

Eleazar also urged the parents and other passengers to report the showing of inappropriate films to policemen manning the Police Assistance Desks.

The NCRPO chief said passengers can report erring bus drivers and conductors through the NCRPO Facebook and Twitter accounts or could be sent via 0999-901-8181 and 0915-888-8181.

Eleazar said they will be coordinating with the Movie and Television Review Classification Board in running after and in filing cases against erring bus drivers and conductors.