Oreta makes Malabon hospital more life-saving

December 13, 2018

A LEADER cares for his people when he truly provides their basic needs. Included in these basic needs are  medical and health services.  Malabon is fortunate to have such a leader in the person of its mayor, Antolin ‘Lenlen’ Oreta III.

Malabonians can now expect improved medical services from the Ospital ng Malabon (OsMal) following the contracting of more competent medical personnel and methodical management of its state-of-the-art equipment.

Aimed at having a modernized and dependable level 1 hospital in the city, Oreta  spearheaded the move enjoining City Health Officer Dr. Roberto Romero and OsMal Administrator Dr. Mitzi Tanchoco.

Two pediatricians, an obstetrician, a surgeon, radiologist, pathologist and an internist were the latest medical specialists hired to join the medical experts in OsMal.

These personnel augment the ranks of health professionals manning the facility that include two specialists on infectious diseases, a pulmonologist, pediatrician, obstetrician along with several general surgeons, nurses and other staff.

Technologically advanced laboratory equipment comprising of a digital mammography machine, projectional radiography (X-ray machine) and an ultra sound unit among others complement OsMal’s capacity to extend appropriate medical attention.

Patients with symptoms of breast cancer for instance “can be thoroughly examined through our mammography machine at the early onset for appropriate management,” Tanchoco said.

“The results of these procedures are with better resolution (clearer) than the usual, digitally archived in the hospital’s system for data basing and thus are easy to review, retrieve or transmit electronically upon necessity,” she added.  Likewise, the hospital’s X-ray machine coupled with a portable unit, features the same digital distinction that cuts back the use of environmentally hazardous and expensive X-ray films, she said.

The Emergency Room of OsMal has an eight-bed capacity and one allocated for patient needing critical care. Should medical conditions of patients require services of levels 2 and 3 hospitals, the city ambulance with abled emergency team conveys such client consequently.

The City Health Department (CHD) said, “Patients with mild infections, respiratory and digestive irregularities, hypertension, dizziness, dengue, minor injuries, as well as normal birth deliveries or scheduled caesarian operations and other similar cases are easily manageable in OsMal.”

“Indigent Malabonians confined at OsMal’s 34-bed capacity are entitled to avail of our services at no expense, subject to our social welfare procedures,”  Tanchoco said.

“For needy patients, all of our laboratory services, medicines while in confinement, doctor’s professional fees, room rates and food can be covered, as well as what the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth ) pays for,” she said.

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