Our teachers

October 06, 2018

October 5, 2018 was Teacher’s Day and I would like to give tribute to all the teachers who continuously prepare our youth to become the future citizens of this country.

Next to our family, especially parents, teachers play important roles in our upbringing. I remember a teacher of mine in high school, saying that I will never become a writer, after I won third place only in our high school writing contest.

Maybe it was her way of challenging me because look at where I am now. I have been involved in several books and I am still doing this column after more than 20 years.         Our teachers have a strong influence on the youth, especially those in the elementary level especially K2 and a few years up. What they say can resonate many years after, affecting us in our choice of vocation and the like. I just read recently that the most dangerous weapon of all is the tongue because what you say can affect lives forever.

And if these are hurtful or insulting words, then you can even gain an enemy for eternity, so to speak.

Teachers should therefore be careful when they correct their student because of the impact it can have on the child.

Look at me, I can still hear the stinging words of that teacher who said I can never be a writer. I also notice that many children of teachers turn out well in later years.

When you read the stories of so-called unsung heroes, there was a mother who was a teacher who taught her child discipline, integrity and other worthwhile values.

The problem with some teachers is that since they oftentimes cannot make both ends meet, they resort to selling items in school (which should be banned) and therefore the respect of their students diminishes.

Yes, we should definitely pay our teachers well. We should prevent them from going abroad to care for other children because we need all the good teachers in our country today.

When I taught history in high school before I became a full-time writer, I was amazed at how receptive students are to what their teachers say.

I would teach them lesson in history in a story-telling way that would be similar to their lives and they appreciated this style tremendously.

I also brought them on historical field trips so they can actually immerse themselves on the setting of the history moments we were taking up.

Students can easily absorb the good and the bad of what their teachers impart to them and this is why we should be careful on choosing teachers.

I would advice parents to make it a point to get to know the teachers of their children as they are the ones helping in molding their children to the kind of man or woman they will become.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions then and now.

That is why we should be generous in giving our teachers the best in tools to help them teach well and of course compensate them properly.

Mabuhay ang ating mga Guro at maraming salamat sa inyong mga sakripisyo!