PDuterte’s credibility lies with his choice of new PNP chief

October 14, 2019

MANY people are not at all surprised with yesterday’s announcement by Philippine National Police director general, Oscar Albayalde, of his decision to go on “NDS” (non-duty status) as he awaits his retirement this coming November 8.

While not a formal announcement of resignation as demanded by most quarters, it is, for all intent and purposes, translates to it-- resignation.

For effective also yesterday, all duties and responsibilities of a ‘Chief PNP’-- for the moment--  has been turned over to his “mistah,” PNP DDA Archie Gamboa, being the second highest police official.

And in the event PDU30 “anoints” Gamboa, also a known stalwart of the so-called ‘Davao Group,’ then he should not be surprised if majority of Filipinos cry “Foul!” while claiming the whole “scenario” that began with the “demonization” of Albayalde, is a “railroading job” by the Davao Group.

And why not? For until last Friday, Gamboa is only the “Third Man” at the PNP as “DDO” (deputy director for operations) while his, Albayalde and Sen. Bato’s other mistah at PMA Class of 1986, Gen. Camilo Cascolan, was the “Fourth Man” as “CDS” (chief of the directorial staff).

But as we all know, on Friday (and effective yesterday), with the retirement of erstwhile DDA, P/Lt. Gen. Fernando Mendez it was announced that Gamboa is the new DDA, Cascolan is the new DDO while the highly-admired-- but Davao Group “outsider”-- NCRPO director, P/MGen. Guillermo Eleazar, is the new CDS.

In one of the hearings of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the CGTA Law abuses but which careened off to tackle police corruption and the criminal activities of the so-called ‘Ninja Cops,’ Albayalde, remarked that efforts to link him to these Ninja Cops is all about “politics” and about his looming retirement from the PNP.

Albayalde said some quarters want to picture him as a crook and a “protector” of Ninja Cops so that his recommendation on who is the “best” police official to succeed him as Chief PNP would carry no value with PDU30.

Translation? Paano pa nga naman “pahahalagahan” ni PDU30 ang ano mang rekomendasyon ni Albayalde kung nawalan na siya ng kredibilidad, aber? Kung “sino” man ang irekomenda niya, eh, “swak” sa basurahan ang pangalan, hehehe!

There may be truth to this suspicion, dear readers.

This, if we go back to the fact that Albayalde also “infuriated” a lot of those in the Davao Group when he was appointed as Chief PNP last April 2018 as he is never a member of the group unlike Gamboa, Cascolan, dela Rosa and also, MPD chief, Vicente Danao (reportedly eyeing the NCRPO post if not the top PNP post).

Translation? “Nakopo” na nila (Davao Group), “nakawala” pa, hahaha, ayy, huhuhu!

Of course, yours truly may have been “seeing too much” from what has been going on but still, PDU30 appointing another Chief PNP belonging to the Davao Group, such as Gamboa or Cascolan, can only generate much dismay and not praise, with people concluding that we’re back to the “Old Age” of the “sila-sila” “kami-kami” selection system.

For indeed, how would one explain the fact that only last Friday, both of them are not in the prime positions at the PNP as candidate for the Chief PNP post and less than a month from now, one of them gets to replace Albayalde.

Kumbaga, “ambilis” nang mga pangyayari, ‘nong! “Amoy lutong makaw,” hahaha!


With the issues hounding Albayalde, it is not only his credibility that is at stake now but more importantly, the credibility of PDU30’s centerpiece program, the ‘War on Drugs’ and along with it, the government’s anti-crime campaign.

I mean, if the country’s top cop is being accused of being a “protector” of Ninja Cops what would people conclude? That this War on Drugs by PDU30 is nothing but a sham and a charade. Agh!

But fortunately for the government and for the PNP, PDU30’s credibility and trust ratings remain excellent not only because our economic managers are doing a great job of keeping the cost of living (inflation rate) affordable to most Filipinos.

It cannot be brushed aside too that aside from his success in addressing the “politics of the stomach,” PDU30’s trust rating remains high because the NCRPO, under Eleazar, has been focused in seeing to it that the more than 28,000 policemen in the National Capital Region are behaving properly and that crimes, both petty and sensational, are being promptly addressed-- without fear or favor.

Eleazar’s fair but firm management style of the NCRPO not surprisingly resulted to the more than 60 percent “improvement” of the peace and order situation in the NCR and rightly so, for the NCRPO being recognized-- for the first time in the PNP’s history--as the “best regional police command.”

If PDU30 has time to pause, he would remember that he and DILG secretary Ed Año personally bestowed this award to Eleazar during the recent PNP Service Anniversary.

With the PNP’s credibility problem as the main issue once again, here’s hoping that PDU30 also realize that “riding” on his choice as the next Chief PNP would be his own credibility.