Philippine National Police to public: Be informed, plan ahead, be safe

December 16, 2018

THE Philippine National Police headed by Director General Oscar D. Albayalde is calling anew on the citizenry to develop their own safety core competency and follow practical safety tips they have issued as the 175,000-strong organization gears up for another massive security program to ensure the protection of the public this coming Christmas and New Year.

PNP spokesman, Chief Superintendent Benigno B. Durana Jr. said they are reiterating their practical guide on safety and survival as part of their public service program in which the PNP leadership wants the public to stay safe by always being informed and planning ahead.

“We have our practical guides on safety which is a ready reference for you and your family as they have been designed to prepare and equip you with the necessary information in times of emergencies and other life-threatening situations,” he said.

Durana said there are three elements in a crime—intent, opportunity and target. “Take away one of these elements and a crime will not happen,” he maintained. “But we cannot be everywhere, so the best way to curb crime is an empowered and informed public. Awareness is the key to deter crime,” he said.

This early, police are reiterating crime prevention tips ‘to safeguard you against criminal elements and syndicates.’

The PNP said the practical tips will someday save lives.

When it comes to personal safety, the PNP recommends the following particularly when in public places like shopping malls where there will be an expected shopping rush:


Be wary of suspicious persons around you.

Be sensitive to signs of threat arising from your personal and official circumstances.

Immediately inform your superior or staff, or members of your family about the imminent threat.

Call for assistance at the first sign that something unusual is happening.

Call for help by sounding a motor horn or blowing a whistle.

Inform your trusted neighbor when you plan to go out-of-town for a period of days.

When walking alone, always keep  alert of your surroundings.

Avoid talking to strangers.

During night time, avoid walking in dark places.

Carry a noise-making device, such as a whistle and use it if you feel you are in danger.


Avoid observable patterns of behavior which would enable a potential attacker to predict your future movements; construct a plan based on it, intercept you on conditions unfavorable to you; and isolate you from an effective assistance.

Do not conduct a transaction except with properly-accredited persons; in place of business during the prescribed hours; and in the presence of a colleague or member of your family or other trusted persons.

Do not stay overnight in places which isolate you from persons that can give you assistance or summon assistance for you.

Do not accept any gifts from strangers.

Do not give personal information from someone on the telephone.

Do not wear expensive jewelry, cell phone or carry lots of money that can attract criminals.

The PNP leadership also asked the public to be aware of people acting as if they were your ‘best friend’ when you’re out shopping since it’s a common modus operandi being employed by con artists and thieves to victimize shoppers and store owners.

CCTV cameras have recorded many instances wherein thieves or pickpockets have interrupted customers talking with sales clerks as part of their effort to confuse them. Once the distraction is made, the other suspects start picking the pocket of their target or steal valuables such as mobile phones and even laptop cameras and jewelry pieces.

Durana also advised commuters to watch out for members of the so-called ‘Bespren Gang,’ ‘Salisi Gang,’ Laglag-Barya Gang’ or ‘Tutok Kalawit Gang operating in the streets or inside passenger jeeps or buses. “Salisi Gang’ members usually operate in hotel lounges, coffee bars, cafes and restaurants frequented by wealthy tourists and businessmen.