Philippines-United States ties

January 12, 2019

TODAY, various quarters, including ordinary citizens, acknowledge that the Philippines and the United States (US), long-time friends and allies, are up against one of their greatest challenges.

It is to continue building on and strengthening their deep and long friendship based on mutual respect in a highly-complicated world, according to Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel G. Romualdez.

He said that leaders across the globe are required, if not compelled, to adopt policies and leadership styles that better fit the current world environment.

Ambassador Romuldez told the Foreign Policy Discussion Group (FPDG) of Washington, DC, that the Philippines-US bilateral relation remains strong, robust and unshakable.

In fact, Filipinos and Americans alike continue to keep the fires of friendship burning, both in times of war and in peace.

Romualdez said the country’s foreign policy under President Duterte seeks to be a friend and partner to all, noting that the Philippines is working to establish closer relationships with diverse countries.

But he was quick to emphasize that this manpower-exporting Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 million people is also strengthening traditional partnerships

The Filipino ambassador also underscored the importance of sovereignty and independence as pillars of Philippine foreign policy under Duterte’s administration, which ends on June 30, 2022.

At the same time, Romualdez said the friendship between the two countries could only be made stronger with the recent return of the three Balangiga bells to the country.

With so many Filipinos working and living across the US, people are made to believe that strengthening the two countries’ bilateral relations is a move in the right direction.