Pinoys find kindred spirit in Ambassador Sung Kim

A kindred spirit.

This is what Filipinos  have found in United States Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim.

Bonding with PH and foreign media at the Pandesal Forum of the 80-year-old Kamuning Bakery Cafe in Quezon City, Ambassador Kim gave kudos where kudos was befitting.

Amid some quarters dissent and discontent in the recently concluded midterm polls, the American diplomat congratulated the Filipino people for the laudable turnout of voters and its success.

Ambassador Kim saw the recent exercise as a confirmation of President Rodrigo Duterte’s rock solid and continuing popularity.

The good envoy only has great vibes regarding the Philippine economy.

And he  definitely is not seeing things with blinders on. With a drone perspective, he says the country’s 50 million population under age 24 augurs well for the country’s growth momentum.

In line with this, Ambassador Kim also backed calls, not only of American traders, to liberalize foreign investment rules in order to open the floodgates for foreign direct investments.

Ambassador Kim has also reaffirmed US’ commitment to improve bilateral, diplomatic, economic, security and other relations with the Philippines. With this, he expects more military cooperation and joint military exercises.

Filipinos can be a chaotic lot. Probably because it goes with the whole package of resilience, perseverance and determination.

Yet Ambassador Kim glimpses beyond Pinoys’ idiosyncrasies and notices only the perfections.

Ambassador Kim perceives the Pinoy drinking glass as half full. He spots the white sheet of paper, not the dot. Like a big bro, he tempers some Filipinos’ pessimism with idealism, confusion with kind words, and seeds of panic with positivity.

A kindred spirit is one who can be relied on in troubled times and who rejoices in others’ miniscule victories.

Pinoys, lucky Pinoys, have definitely found one in Ambassador Kim.

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