PLDT disconnected with PH subscribers

September 21, 2018

IS Manny Pangilinan still running the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.?

Pangilinan is credited for turning PLDT from a losing enterprise into one of the country’s top telecommunications today.

PLDT now also owns Smart and Sun and represents the other side of the duopoly in the local telco industry.

More than 68 million Filipinos subscribe to PLDT’s various services and products.

* * *

Our house is 20 years old and needing repairs. One of the section to be fixed is the garage where the cable of PLDT Home passes overhead for my internet access.

The repair requires the cable to be repositioned and only PLDT servicemen can do the job.

I tried calling PLDT so many times but the answer was made only by a machine. The machine asked me to dial a lot of numbers only to be told in the end that I give my phone number.

I presume the machine got my number so a ‘human’ from PLDT can call me and provide help.

No one from PLDT called me back or went to my house for assistance.

* * *

A neighbour had the same problem not too long ago. He lost internet provided by PLDT and asked for help from the telco.

But no help came from PLDT so he was unproductive for weeks. His job requires internet service.

Aside from affecting his job, the lack of internet service also caused inconvenience in his home as many members of his family rely on it for their cellphones, television and even security system.

It was almost a month before a PLDT technician came to fix his internet problem.

The lineman could only apologize for the late response, explaining that there are too many people with the same problem -- probably unreliable PLDT internet service and undependable PLDT assistance.

* * *

Unlike my neighbor, I will not wait for weeks as my job also highly depends on internet. With inflation already reducing my purchasing power, I can’t afford to lose earnings for being unproductive as a result of having no internet service at home.

If PLDT doesn’t come for help on time, I’ll switch to the competitor which offers wireless internet, no more menacing cables to deal with.

Like many, I’m not a fan of the telco duopoly but its better than monopoly. In duopoly, I still have an option to switch if one sucks.

With machines doing the job for PLDT, it is no longer connected with the people or its subscribers. The humans at PLDT are out of reach.

Is MVP still there?

* * *

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