PNP assures graft-free bidding

THE Philippine National Police remains as one of the major beneficiaries of President Duterte’s no-nonsense program to modernize the country’s armed services and in return has fully committed to ensure a graft-free bidding process in the organization, the Journal Group was told.

The PNP last year allotted roughly P1.135 billion to procure additional aircrafts and patrol boats needed to help counter the presence of international drug traffickers, kidnappers and other lawless elements  including ISIS-inspired terrorists in the country.

The purchase of the police equipment comes in the wake of what senior police officials have described as a graft-free PNP bidding process since the start of the Duterte administration which has not only ensured that quality ‘move, shoot, communicate and investigate’ tools and other equipment would be procured by the force but at the same time enable the force to save millions that can be used to buy what officers in round-the-clock patrol really need.      

The corruption-free bidding process last year also enabled the PNP to save enough money which was used to buy 107 brand-new patrol vehicles,  PNP chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde said.

As PNP chief, Gen. Albayalde is the head of the PNP procurement program and is in the forefront of a campaign to ensure that there would be no more anomalous purchases in the organization which, during the past several administrations has been rocked by graft-tainted biddings.

PNP spokesman, Colonel Bernard M. Banac said “since President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s (PRRD’s) assumption in 2016, the PNP has been at the receiving end of the national government’s genuine concern for the men in uniform by providing not only for operational requirements for mission essential equipment, but most notably through morale and welfare services that has considerably uplifted the living standards of uniformed personnel and their families.”

“Over the last three years, the PNP has been able to keep up with our modernization and development plan with the procurement of more and better equipment and recruitment of more personnel. Between now and three years hence, the PNP will be in a better position to perform its law enforcement and public safety mandate thru enhanced operational capability,” he added.

President Duterte earlier approved the PNP’s P33-billion SMART Policing Program which is an acronym for Secured, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence-Drive, Real Time, Technology in the organization.

The PNP Smart Policing program being supervised by Major General Cesar Hawthorne R. Binag Jr. of the PNP Directorate for Information Communications and Technology Management is seen as a project that will highly benefit the police force in particular and the public in general.

Last month saw Gen. Albayalde leading the handover of some P1.871 billion worth of newly-procured police equipment that will further boost their ‘move, shoot, communicate and investigate’ capabilities.

Included in the  23,800 units of brand-new equipment are two units of Single Engine Helicopter (Airbus H125); 107 units of Toyota Hi-Lux 4x2 single-cab patrol jeeps; 349 units of Honda XRM 125cc motorcycles; 5,000 units of Striker Fired 9mm Pistol (Canik TP9SF Elite-S); 4,000 units of Striker Fired 9mm Pistol (Taurus TS9); 42 units of 7.62mm MG3 Light Machine Gun from the Pakistan Ordnance Factory; 3,045 units Waistcoat Vest Level 3A with Upgrade Plate Level IV;  11,084 Enhanced Combat Helmets;  124 units Tactical Radio (VHF Low band); and  48 Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs).

The multi-role single engine helicopter will be assigned to the PNP Special Action Force to support internal security, law enforcement and public safety operations of PNP units in Mindanao and Visayas.

The combat helmets, tactical radios, body armors, sidearms, motorcycles and patrol vehicles will fill-up existing shortages of these equipment among the line units, Gen. Albayalde said.

He added the light machineguns will be issued to the Maritime Group to arm its newly-acquired fleet of high-speed tactical watercraft for police  patrol operations in coastal areas.

More police aircrafts are to be acquired by the PNP this year,  said PNP Director for Logistics, Major General Edwin C. Roque.

Roque said  to be acquired soon by the PNP are  two 4-seater single engine Air Bus turbine helicopters worth P225 million each, three units of 6-seater twin-engine rotary blade helicopters at P436 million each and a powerful C-293 transport plane which is a smaller version of the popular C-130 will already be part of the PNP air assets by 2020.

Roque said the P1.8 billion C-293 can carry a platoon of police commandos and one Hummer transport vehicle and two Air Bus helicopters.