PNPTI back-to-basics program real key to police transformation

February 26, 2020

FOR Philippine National Police Training Institute (PNPTI) director, Major General Ramon L. Rafael, their ‘back-to-basics’ program are key ingredients that would be very vital in producing quality future police officers and men, cops who will really be out there in the field to ‘serve and protect.’

In support of PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa’s programs, the PNPTI director is instituting the development of discipline among their trainees by strictly implementing the PNPTI Training Guide and its disciplinary mechanisms.

Add to it the development of a ‘culture of frugality and prudence’ among trainees in order to produce financially-literate police officers who would be more resistant to different temptations and corruption once they are out there in the field, the enforcement of the BMI Policy among PNPTI Organic Personnel, regardless of ranks and all their trainees/students; having an efficient resource management by avoiding the ‘issue-matic’ tradition among training centers and; by strictly implementing a ‘no visible tattoo’ policy on students/recruits and PNPTI organic personnel.

For many who are asking why he is doing all of these, Rafael, a graduate of Philippine Military Academy ‘Hinirang’ Class of 1987 would simply answer: these are the real road to transformation, even redemption by the police.

First, he talks about the real big need to have a BMI-compliant PNPTI student and personnel. “If you are able to control your appetite, your craving for food, the bigger the chance you will be able to resist other temptations,” he explained.

He talks of a health-conscious policeman who will always spend quality time with his family. “If you are health-conscious, you will avoid cigarette and liquor. Come to think of it, but many policemen before are known for regularly going to bars, nightclubs and karaokes to enjoy free drinks and pulutan. In the process, they have neglected their health and their tummies apart from their families. We want that to be a real thing of the past,” Rafael said.

The 2-star police general said that in accordance with Gen. Gamboa’s instructions, the PNPTI is strictly implementing his policy wherein ‘obese’ policemen cannot join their classmates during their graduation.

“There was previous resistance before but majority are already appreciating it. Now, a PNPTI student who is considered obese is given 1-month to lose weight by going thru a weight reduction program and if he is successful, he can graduate.

However, in the event the student fails to lose weight in 1-month, he can leave the training school without a diploma and return to get his graduation papers as soon as he passes the BMI requirement,” Rafael said.

The PNPTI director has ordered all his Regional Training Directors, the Regional training centers 1 to 12 and other concerned training units under him to submit a monthly monitoring of their student’s BMI in accordance with the BMI Table, Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator and BMI Format for uniformity.

Gen. Gamboa was the 1st PNP chief to require all his officers and men to be BMI-compliant. He also ordered that those who are not BMI-compliant won’t be allowed to go on schooling here and abroad and get other requirements needed for promotion to the next higher rank. A non-BMI-compliant policeman may also only get a ‘satisfactory’ performance rating that would strip him of a projected bonus.

“We’re enhancing self-discipline in the PNPTI and honestly believe that the Chief, PNP’s target on BMI is doable,” he said.

The official has directed all concerned PNPTI officers to strictly adhere to the policy of ideal weight for their students thru BMI monitoring and to include programs and activities for weight management such as health and lifestyle lectures, regular physical exercises, zumba and the like which can help them attain a much healthier and better lifestyle while achieving their normal BMI.

Further, he required that during the acceptance of applicants for mandatory courses and after the conduct of agility tests, the Training Center shall have a BMI Monitoring Sheet of all students to ensure that all will observe weight management activities during their entire training.