Political will vs joblessness

February 19, 2019

POLITICAL will is playing a major role in the development of a city in Metro Manila. It’s bringing success in the fight against joblessness in Malabon where the leader’s marching order is to generate employment.

In doing so, the city, a recipient of  numerous government honors,  has obtained another award – this time,  the 2018 public employment service award given by the Department  of Labor and Employment (DoLE).

The locality, according to DoLE – National Capital Region (DoLE –NCR) has registered best in public employment service  over Metro Manila localities in 2018.

Mayor Antolin A. Oreta III was credited for the Best Performing PESO, Bracket 1 award given the city during the Year-end Performance Assessment and Planning Exercise recently by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) of the DoLE.

The citation was due to numerous programs and activities of the local government facilitating employment of Malabonian work force into various corporations and enterprise.

Four Mega Job Fairs with around 50 employers each and 12 regular in-house job interviews with around 15 employers were organized through the PESO in the city annually, along with weekday job referrals and employment counseling sessions, benefitting thousands of Malabonians needing employment assistance.

Oreta himself presides sessions in Labor Education for Graduating Students (LEGS) done in over 30 public and private school campuses in the city, sharing inputs in choosing careers and inspiring school youths to achieve success in their respective fields amidst challenges.

This earned Career Guidance and Employment Coaching recognition from DoLE, citing the city’s decisive effort in “steering youth towards right career path and high employability.”

The city was also accorded “Prompt SPES Payment” salutation, for being most efficient in submission of reports on the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) to the DoLE, facilitating the immediate release of salaries for said program beneficiaries.

SPES is DoLE’s youth employment program that aims to assist the poor yet deserving students augment their finances for education through full-time employment during their school vacation periods.
Performing mostly clerical and service oriented jobs beneficiaries receive minimum wage from private companies and P9,000/month from government unit offices for a 20-78 days’ work.

This year, the city facilitates 600 Malabonian SPES workers aged 17 to 30 to start employment on summer break. The city funds for 1-year insurance coverage and other work related needs of respective beneficiaries.

PESO Manager Flourescelle  Austria said “It is our mayor’s marching order to continuously lower the number of unemployed and under-employed in the city.”

“Malabon also works hand-in-hand with the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI’s) Go Negosyo Center in promoting entrepreneurship which help establish businesses and thus further generate employment opportunities,” Austria added.

“We impose on enterprises in our city that their non-skilled and semi-skilled employees be comprised of at least 70% Malabonians, to benefit our constituents,” Mayor Oreta disclose.

Since 2012, Malabon PESO data note a drop of 10% in unemployment rate from 15% unemployed workforce in the city to only 5% in 2017. Oreta firmly adheres to the constituents’ self-reliance and productivity, as keys in the city’s continuing economic progress and development.