Quarantine this!

But it is only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. – The Day the Earth Stood Still

We’re in a deep sh__t pit, and it is largely self-inflicted.   

It doesn’t require rocket science or a Ph.D. to figure out that something is terribly wrong with the world we live in.

Planetary alarm bells rang, red flags raised, and sirens serially

sounded a long time ago.

All harbingers of the horrifying consequences of man’s excess and neglect.       

But did we pay attention?

The recurring signs should have shocked us into fast, massive, meaningful action.

Thinning Ozone Layer, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, extreme weather episodes, deforestation, desertification, water and air degradation, and wildlife habitat loss – in concert, interconnected, orchestrated, it would seem.

The handiwork aliens? My foot!

If the 2019 coronavirus sweeping the world like a giant, sharp scythe is not some diabolical germ warfare gone awry (the Spanish, flu which claimed around 20 million lives, came just after World War 1 during which chemical weapons were used), then it must be nature getting even.

It is tilting the balance of terror against humans.

And why not? We have been waging a war of terror on the environment for the longest time.

Now, as Covid-19 makes its deadly round, even the usual terrorists have been stopped on their bloody tracks.  

Plants can’t fight back, but animals are at the forefront of a game-changing counter-strike – against mankind.

Just think about it – bird flu, mad cow, swine fever, etc. Our chief sources of animal protein are turning toxic.

Even fish and other marine species are slowly becoming unsafe to eat. Methyl-mercury is making them inedible. It is mercury spewed out by coal-fired power plants and contaminates bodies of water.

The need to feed, clothe, and shelter over seven billion people and counting—fast -- is exerting tremendous pressure on exhaustible global natural resources.

The earth has a woefully limited carrying capacity, and it is coming apart at the seams on the sheer weight of rapid population growth, scientific advances and technological innovations notwithstanding.

That’s Malthus talking in so many words in the late 1700s   

Gore also fired off a related warning in 1992 about a global environmental crisis and its existential threat to public health, safety, and security. Human survival was at stake, he said.

Okay, okay. The guy got bushwhacked at the polls, but look where we are today. 

Human conduct did not budge a bit, much less radically change, since the publication of Earth in the Balance and the release of a video version.

We went about our bad, old, merry, unsustainable wastrel ways.  

Something’s got to give somewhere down the road.

And eventually, something did snap.  

The horrendous destruction of natural habitat of wildlife was apparently the last straw that broke the brittle, fragile, wobbly biological superstructure. An ecosystem-wide breakdown.

Mother Nature is one big, sick bitch today because we all ganged up on her, messed her up real bad.

Wildlife displacement has dire, irreversible, even fatal consequences.

This was made manifest by Covid-19.  

We casually threw a key principle of intra-planetary cohabitation – respect for abode.

All creatures resent eviction from their domicile.

Hey, people go nuts at the mere thought of being kicked out of their homes. They march, shout, carry signs, and form Kadamay.

Imagine how they feel when, instead of conserving their thinning numbers, saving what’s left of them, people treat them as gourmet options on their menus.

Animals have no time or patience for such theatrics. They just promptly spring into a counter-attack mode.

After years, decades of massive, systematic destruction of their natural dwelling places, they have come to exact righteous revenge on mankind.  

Covid-19 is the microbial version of an avenging Denzel Washington, an ecological equalizer.

It’s the uprising of the Planet of the Apes via viral proxy.

 “Someone doesn't have to weaponize the bird flu. The birds are doing that,” the character Dr. Ellis Cheever said in the movie Contagion, presaging Covid-19 by almost a decade.  

We should have practiced “social distancing” from our feathery, furry, scaly friends a long time ago.

Now, the Grim Ripper is leading the fearsome quartet on horseback as they ride into town to collect.

It’s payback time. and it ain’t a pretty picture.

Frightening, kakatakot, kahahadlok.

Behold God’s glory and seek His mercy.

Pause and pray, people.