November 09, 2018

The mid-term elections in the United States last November 6, 2018 is being subjected to a recount because of the close percentage point differences from one candidates’ count to that of the opponent, Democrat vs. Republican. The losing candidates of the Democrats want to narrow down the lead of the Republican opponent.

We have no quarrel with the recount. But what should be the concern on this recount is not the numbers of those who voted. It is not about the matter of how many voted, but who voted because in 2016 elections in the U.S., the Democrats stack the voting precincts/or polling places with illegal immigrants allowed to enter the U.S. whose stay would still have to be processed. But according to Fox News, the illegal immigrants who just entered the U.S. where even ferried to the voting precincts or polling stations, no questions asked.

It is strange how America can possibly allow illegal immigrants to vote in an America election reserved only for the legitimate citizens of America. To allow non-citizens just because they are “IN” the United States, “the land of the free” they say is stretching democracy and freedom too far. To do wrong cannot fall under any form of “freedom.” Nobody is free to do wrong, nor harm anyone and claim freedom of expression and what not. Democracy and freedom go hand in hand and no one can claim the freedom encompasses everything, like a call of nature. There is limit to freedom. Freedom stops when a person hurts another person. There are limitations to “freedom.” It is not to be able to do anything and everything under the sun. Freedom calls for a great amount of responsibility. No one has the right to abuse it.

That said, this recount being espoused by losing candidates of the Democrats of both houses of Congress is not the end all and the be all. Remember Hillary won in the popular votes in 2016 because of the illegal immigrants the Obama government have allowed for so many years during their 8 year term, enough to flood America with all kinds of people including ISIS with the thing in mind to vote for Hillary. That’s why she garnered 3M votes from the illegal immigrants and from the dead in the cemetery who, too, were allowed to vote. God help their souls!

Thank God, the American Constitution has embedded a safety net by creating the electoral College that has the final word – a group that cannot be bought nor corrupted.

The framers of the U.S. Constitution knew from the start how vulnerable the Americans who emigrated to the U.S. could be. The framers of the U.S. Constitution foresaw that the settlers were not highly educated and could cause an upset in any elections. So, the elders and highly educated and responsible members of the Electoral College was formed and protected by the U.S. Constitution to protect the legalized Americans from the mob of illegal and uneducated immigrants that would take several generations to fully absorb them into the American system.

What I am getting to is, aside from the recounts of the number of the votes cast, there is a need to find out how many illegal immigrants who are not yet American citizens were allowed to vote in this election from the borders of Mexico straight to the polling stations to vote in an American election without being Americans.

Weed out those illegal voters which democrats are known for in the past elections under a democratic government. These situations were real in 2016 where newly arrived immigrants in the airports in New York (let alone entrants from the border of Mexico) on the day of the 2016 elections arriving in droves were brought straight to the polling stations to vote without being U.S. citizens.

That’s what I do not like with the democracy in America. The democrats try to over stretch “freedom” and “America the land of the free.” It’s beyond reason to allow immigrants to vote in an America election, not until they are naturalized.

If the liberals continue to lead America, very soon there will be no United States of America to speak of. And as President Trump said, the ISIS terrorist can join the so-called “invasion” to enter America. Very, very possible and realistic.

* * *

May I ask about the DACA which concerns children who entered America, lived in America, and are now being sent out for not being naturalized Americans? Why are they being asked to leave? I think President Trump is right on this. It’s a case of human smuggling; smuggling of children.

I was told that the former President Obama signed it into law because he himself is a DACA, born in Kenya and came to America as a child. Thus, he could not run for the presidency, which he did anyway.

Now that’s a big question to answer.

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