Republic Acts 10066 and 4850 (2)

November 27, 2018

Clearly this Barangay idea is not founded for the sake of the constituents, nor the neighborhood but for the politicians who manipulate and finance them every election, as I was informed.

I call on Secretary Año to please allow us to see the records of the past Barangay Captain Flores for we have been told by the new Barangay Captain and her Kagawads na ‘yong Barangay Captain Flores lang daw ang pumirma nong permit to demolish the ancestral home of my parents. No Kagawad signed at all, according to Barangay Captain Camille David and her Kagawads when they came to my house to thank me for the help I extended, not in money nor any material support, but solely based on my endorsement; and won.

They had merienda with me after the elections and made a courtesy call on me.

That’s when I was promised that they will form a Homeowners Association which they did not made good their promise. That was way back in May 2018 right after the election that when they sit in office on June 30, they will start organizing a Homeowners Association. It’s a broken promise. I will call on the neighborhood and the homeowners for us to form our own Homeowners Association; if our Barangay doesn’t do it NOW!

Those who are interested to join, please call me at 542-1372 or 0917-8888-153; or drop me a note at my gate at 95 Scout Gandia St., Barangay Sacred Heart, Q.C. corner Tomas Morato Avenue where I live.

The Homeowners Association of Barangay Sacred Heart must not be beholden to anyone, not to the Barangay Captain, nor to Quezon City Hall.

We in the neighborhood must chart our own future for our own protection from abuses from those who think they are powerful at that permit given by the past Barangay Captain Flores ay hindi valid at siya lang ang pumirma at may naibigay sa kanya. ‘Yan ang usapan sa Barangay Sacred Heart.

In closing, I am reminding all our government officials, including the courts to take notice of RA 4850 of President Marcos and RA 10066, both laws of the land passed by Congress years ago. According to President Marcos when he wrote the law RA 4850 that cases against violators ay dapat isampa ang kaso sa Court of Appeals and the court must act immediately in deciding the case with dispatch. President Marcos avoided the case to be filed in the RTC for, according to him, the RTC Judges are strongly influenced by the Mayors, Vice Mayors and the City Council.

In our present case in court now against JLM Trading Corporation of my youngest brother and his family (whom I have totally disowned); and partners Belmontes and Sta. Lucia Land Developers on the basis of Special Permits given to them by the City Council headed by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte usurped RA 10066 and LLDA under 4850.

Even on these grounds alone, the Judge must immediately issue an injunction to fully stop the illegal project. Because of the slow pace in court, naubos na tuloy ang ancestral home ng parents ko. Had the court acted faster, we could have saved our parents’ ancestral home. That’s what President Marcos meant in by-passing the RTC because the Judges are influenced by the Mayor, Vice Mayor and the Members of the City Council. And I was told they even receive allowances from the city government. Why? What for?

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