On right track

October 28, 2018

What is leadership?

Leadership has been defined as “ the ability to make people believe “.

Using this yardstick to size up the Durterte administration as it marks the final months of its first three years in office, it can be said with profuse confidence that it has shown the way, the right path for the people to follow.

Historically, administration mid-term scorecards are treated as a plebiscite on its performance and as an indicator of public approval and trust for the rest of its term.

Previous administration scored lower as they marked the end of their first half in office.

Quiet surprisingly, the Duterte administration has kept its ratings extraordinarily high.

Malacañang on Friday welcomed a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showing 75% of Filipinos believe the country under President Duterte is heading on the right track.

“We view this as a reflection of our people’s continued trust and confidence in the President and an affirmation that the policies and programs of the current administration are on the right track,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a statement.

According to the 2018 Third Quarter SWS survey, the 75% was five-point higher compared to 70% recorded in the second quarter survey.

On the other hand, only 22% believed the Philippines is in the wrong path while 3% of the 1,500 adult respondents did not give answer during the survey conducted on Sept. 15-23.

The strong public appreciation was seen in the rise of survey numbers in all geographic areas particularly in Metro Manila where it increased from 57% to 65%. The Balance Luzon registered rise from 68% to 73% followed by Visayas from 66% to 69% and Mindanao from 87% to 89%.

“PRRD emphasized in numerous occasions that as government workers, we are here to serve the people. Our objective as public servants is thus being able to perform our respective duties well,” Panelo said.

“Therefore, we treat the results of this recent survey not as an accolade but as an inspiration for our men and women in the government as they persist in carrying on with their roles in the service,” he added.

Panelo said the strong public appreciation would further engage the Filipino people in supporting the Duterte administration in building “a nation where all Filipinos can experience comfortable and decent lives under a trustworthy government.”

“Together, let us work hand in hand to realize the President’s vision for the Philippines,” he said.