RIT attacks in Manila amid Corona; Stop panic buying

The world seemed to have come to a halt these past recent days due to the worsening situation regarding the coronavirus.

Here, the public address given by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Thursday evening has apparently —albeit unintentionally— triggered panic which resulted all the more in crowding and unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus, thus defeating the purpose of the said announcements by the country’s top official which are intended to protect the people from falling ill.

National authorities, led by the President himself, have been calling on the public to observe ‘social distancing’ and avoid congregations or any mass gatherings in order to lessen the risk of getting the dreaded virus.  It was also among the principal objectives of the public announcements made by Duterte which included a planned lockdown in Metro Manila and a ban on domestic air, sea and land travel.

Lamentably, however, the announcement yielded the opposite of the objective as a result. Huge crowds surged in bus terminals, ticketing offices, seaports and yes, groceries and supermarkets, to name a few.

I would understand the rush of those who either wanted to get out or into Metro Manila but definitely not those who engaged in unnecessary panic buying.

These dimwits do not only contribute to creating artificial shortage of certain basic goods.  They also expose themselves to getting the virus by unnecessarily joining huge crowds in groceries and supermarkets. Let us hope they realize this and stop.


In Manila, the coronavirus situation does not seem to have any effect on criminals, particularly riding-in-tandem ones.

A Filipino–Chinese businesswoman was shot dead in Binondo, Manila the other night once again, by riding-in-tandem suspects who remain unidentified as of this writing.

The victim, identified as Albert Yu Tan,  60,  a jeweller and resident of No.454 Magallanes St., Intramuros, Manila, died on the spot after having been shot at close range by two armed men on board an NMAX motorcycle.  Three spent shells were recovered at the crime scene.

Police Corporal Allan Lingcong reported to Manila Police District-Homicide Section chief  P/Captain Henry Navarro that the shooting took place at 6:10 p.m. the other night, in front of a business establishment located near the corner of Ongpin and S. Padilla Streets in Binondo, Manila.

The victim was walking on Ongpin Street carrying a bag when he noticed that something fell from him. He went back to get the item and reportedly even looked at the two suspects who, unknown to him, have been tailing him.

After picking up his stuff, the victim went on walking and it was at this point when one of the suspects drew a gun and fired at him twice, hitting him in the body.

As the victim fell face down on the ground bloodied, the suspect again fired at him and then took his bag.

Moments later, the shooter’s cohort arrived on board a motorcycle.  The suspect rode behind him and then the two sped away toward the direction of the Sta. Cruz Church.  

The victim’s wife did not give any information about the contents of the bag that was taken from her husband, apparently also fearing for her life.

With the lockdown, community quarantine and all, it’s obviously  ‘business as usual’ for these criminal elements. Where’s coronavirus when you need it most???


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