September 22, 2018

Typhoon “Ompong” turned out to be a very destructive typhoon that caused loss of lives where it struck. In Itogon, Benguet, so many were buried alive leaving so many widows and orphans behind; and so in Naga, Cebu.

I will not venture to say what exactly caused the tragedies it left behind. But be careful in mountainous areas with no trees for the roots give support of firmness on the ground. Seeing the landslide that caved in a mountain side in Itogon, Benguet shows that the steep mountain where the ground caved in showed that there were no trees to support the precipice; and hardly a tree trunk was seen in the debris. Consider as well the tunneling done under that mountain which left it with no solid foundation. The mountain was “empty” underneath. When it was abandoned, the tunnels should be covered and reinforced. The welded gate gave no support to the weight of the mountain.

It was shown on television coverage that there were tunnels underneath that were being mined by small scale miners as a means of livelihood. Small open-pit mining are common in the area as well as a means of livelihood; and many have died which we never hear of them anymore.

For years, reports of deaths and accidents were rather frequent in the area of Itogon and its neighboring barangays. Many stories have been told on a monthly basis employed by buyers of gold that entice the unemployed of taking a chance to feed their families. It is also unfair to put the blame on them for it’s a matter of survival. I am not in a position to give a solution to the many tragedies that happen, but giving assistance to the victims and families must be top priority.

There are many kind-hearted nations that extend financial assistance and in kind for the victims. But we are aware of what happened in the past. “Yolanda,” internationally known as “Hayan” received huge donations from other friendly nations. However, cash donations in the billions of dollars and pesos were mishandled and did not go to the victims.

As I have said in the past, when you steal from the rich, it is a crime; but if you steal from the poor, it is double the crime.

How those donations from many countries disappeared in the hands of some kleptomaniacs is truly difficult to accept. We already know what happened.

Pero nakakagaan naman ng puso to hear that our President Duterte expressed his sentiments of not being in favor for the TV stations to receive donations deposited in their accounts. He is right. For one, we will never know how the donations are accounted for. The donations from local well-meaning donors will always lend doubt. We will never know. For one the TV stations are not under the COA.

I believe the government has the machinery to handle the donations and can properly entrust them sa mga taong hindi magnanakaw.

The government can have a special account wherein all the foreign donations must be deposited in for disasters, calamities, etc. where the donor countries want their donations to go.

It is only proper to thank the country/countries not only for the help extended, but present to them an accounting (a copy) where their money went. This would be a gratifying way of acknowledging their help to our people. Each country must be informed as to where their money went. With the President at the helm, no one will doubt that the donations will reach the victims.

It is only right to publish the foreign countries that gave our country assistance when we needed it most; and where their assistance, financial or in kind went. That would make them happy. Not only that, it is correct and proper; a good gesture from one civilized nation to another.

The television stations must do what they can to help – if they wish to – at their own expense. Hindi ‘yong galing sa ibang tao. Ang laki ng kinikita ng TV stations in commercials and advertisements. You won’t believe it, by the billions. Can’t they share part of it to our people in need of help in times of tragedies?

Huwag lang sana mangyari, pero itong mga “ipinamimigay” nilang pera or goods na galing naman sa mga ibang tao ay maaaring gamitin for “tax deductions.” There is that possibility at kitang kita naman ang mga ipinamimigay ng mga istasyon na galing naman sa ibang tao. The TV stations can help by keeping an eye on where the donations are going. That is a big help.

Kaya, sa gobiyerno na lang ipamahala. Isang bank account from foreign countries; at isang account for local donors.

Let it be handled by social workers and well-respected citizens na walang bahid ang pagkatao, pero supervised by the officers or representatives from the Commission on Audit or COA.

That’s what I did in the PCSO draws. To insure no cheating or manipulations in every lotto draw, the presence of the representatives from the COA must take full control together with the other representatives, including the presence of observers from the private sectors to witness the proceedings in every draw.

* * *

It is too ugly to see the hypocrites of the so-called September 21 Marcos declaration of Martial Law. Most of whom must accept that they enriched themselves riding on the martial law years. See where they are now. Most of those in the rallies became famous, ran for public office and enriched themselves at the expense of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Marcos Martial Law” is now a dead propaganda for many of those “against” it got rich one way or another, but really did not suffer. Nag-iimbento. Liars.

See where they are now. Wala namang silbi sa bayan kung hindi magpakita na sila’y “inapi” ni Marcos.

“Let’s move on.” We have the opportunity to make our nation compassionate for all its people.

Naranasan ko ang martial law years. Maraming nasasabi na nangyari na hindi totoo. Dami sa mga nag-iingay hindi nagsasabi ng totoo. Sinungaling! Exaggerated!

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