‘Sayang’ o ‘buti nga’

March 09, 2020

At my age, and even in my younger days, I’ve always made it a practice to make friends with responsible people with wisdom and with decency to know right from wrong.

I am not one who make “barkada” with just anyone to keep up with the “Joneses.” My late father has imbedded in my mind the right sense of values as the Jesuits in my schooling abroad also taught me (and other students) to be always on the right side. It really means a lot, more so as we grow older. Hindi naman dapat tumanda na masama ang isang tao; lalo na kapag may anak, kapatid at magulang. Huwag kayong mag-iwan sa mundo na kasamaan at kawalanghiyaang ugali.

Tiyak sa katapusan ng buhay, dalawa lang ng sasabihin ng tao: “Sayang” kasi mabait na tao ‘yong namatay; o “but inga” at namatay at masamang tao naman siya.

It is not a question of leaving a legacy. It is what people will think of you at the end of the day. Kung masama kang tao at magnanakaw, sigurado ang sasabihin ng mga taong kilala ka for being evil at pasikat, hambog, magnanakaw at masama ang ugali ay “buti nga.”

So, we all are what we make ourselves to be.

Since childhood, I’ve always been cautious with friends. In school as an intern, I’ve always been considered a “big brother.” Sa akin nagsusumbong pag kinakagalitan ng pari o inaway ng classmates. Binu-bully. I’ve always been a person with shoulders to cry on, as the saying goes. I can fight for others, but I can’t fight for myself.

Since my younger days, I’ve always been more comfortable with matured people older than me with wisdom. There are always so much to learn from them.


Let me give an example of what a person with wisdom would say about a recent accident that could have turned out to be a big tragedy like the recent tragedy that happened to Kobe Bryant and company on a short helicopter trip in Los Angeles. What a waste of innocent lives because of one “stupid pilot” daw.

Los Angeles, California, is known for smog. There are days when heavy smog covers the city. I know for I’ve lived there for so many years of my university life. Smog can becloud even the freeways that it makes it difficult to drive. At least those who insist on driving on a smoggy day have full control of their lives.

But on a rented or owned helicopter to save time, it’s different. Your life is at the hands of one pilot; and if he is the type who take risks, untoward incidents can occur for lack of common sense. Dapat pirming may co-pilot.


Recently, a helicopter crashed in San Pedro, Laguna. On board was our PNP Chief General Archie Gamboa. I asked a friend for his opinion on what happened; and why that brand new helicopter crashed.

Ang sabi niya: Bakit daw hinahanapan ng “mechanical error.” Bakit daw hindi ina-analyze how the accident happened, so obvious on film what happened on TV for it was televised. And we really saw how the helicopter took off from the ground. Number one: We all saw on TV the dust that covered the visibility when it took off. It created so much dust that the helicopter lost visibility and the helicopter was covered with dust which entered the engine.

I don’t want to blame anyone. But my friends’ outright reaction was: “Stupidity caused the accident.” I asked him why? He told me that those on board no less than Generals pa naman should have known that they landed on a spot covered by ashfall from Taal Volcano. Tama nga naman ang sinabi ng kaibigan ko with so much experience gained in Vietnam.

I want to share his observation and analysis. He said that in Vietnam he learned that helicopters were made to land on open fields. But before allowing the helicopters to land on the ground, not cemented but a dirt area, the Americans saw to it that the ground “ay dinidilig ang lupa at binubuhusan ng Peneprime o krudong marumi na latak ng diesel. From the crude oil, refined diesel and gasoline come from para matigas ang lupa. Bawal ang tubig. The peneprime or maruming krudo for it solidifies in a matter of hours parang inaspalto. It serves as a soil binder.

To make a temporary helipad, ibuhos daw ang crude oil or Peneprime sa lupa para hindi maapektuhan ang engine ng helicopter for the engine can suck-in the dust and cause an accident and crash. Kung may balak daw na may helicopter na magla-land kapareho sa San Pedro, Laguna, dapat daw the day before binuhusan ng dirty crude oil or Peneprime ‘yong lupa, the day before lalo na alam nila magla-land doon sa open field covered by ashfall pa naman. At ang passengers na sakay ay VIP pa. Mabuti sana kung puno ng damo ‘yong paglalandingan. Pero isipin muli, maski grassy ‘yong area, nabuhusan din ng ashfall recently galing sa Taal Volcano. Dapat sa open and cemented basketball court na lang ang nilandingan nila.  

Analysis of what happened to the helicopter that crashed with Kobe Bryant on board and 8 others: “It was the pilot’s fault. The moment he lost visibility, the pilot should have turned around for he could not see what was infront of him and the helicopter had no sensor.” Blame human error on the part of the pilot, NOT mechanical error.

Mag-ingat po lahat sumasakay sa eroplano, sa helicopter, sa bus, kotse, tren, bisikleta at motorsiklo at ito lang ang magiging reaksyon ng tao sa mga naaksidente at namatay. “Sayang” yong mabait na taong namatay; o “buti nga” kasi masamang tao siya. In other words: “Good riddance” with free trip to hell!

(To be continued. Abangan! Marami tayong matututunan.)

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