Sec. Cusi rallies support for Duterte programs in next three years

DEPARTMENT of Energy (DoE) Secretary Alfonso Cusi has reiterated the urgency of successfully fulfilling his department’s priority programs for 2019-2022, saying  the country has the next three years to help President Duterte realize his vision of helping Filipinos lead stable and comfortable lives.

“As we revisit the DoE’s midterm action plan, we must think, serve and formulate the appropriate policies in accordance to what will help bring accessible, reliable and affordable energy throughout the entire country,” he said.

In support of the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program of the Duterte administration, Cusi emphasizes the crucial role of energy, particularly its building sufficient capacity, as the key to sustaining the country’s economic growth.

Guided by the latest Supreme Court ruling on subjecting power supply contracts to Competitive Selection Process to further protect the consumers, the Energy chief reassured the public that the DoE will remain relentless in finding ways to help bring down the costs of power in the country.

He also added that missionary electrification and the attainment of  one hundred percent household electrification all over the Philippines continues to be top priority to the energy family, in cooperation with the National Electrification Administration, National Power Corporation and the private industry players.

Cusi likewise stated that the DOE will fast-track the contracting of new generating capacities for 2023-2030, noting that the working visit of the President in Japan has led to another positive development in this regard, as the Japanese government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, expressed its interest in building a power plant in the Philippines that could be deployed in 18 to 24 months. Now as part of the DoE’ initiatives to provide reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy sources, it is preparing an integrated transmission power development plan, as well as a green rate program that will help strengthen the country’s renewable energy sector.

Cusi stressed that the DoE ‘will ensure the sustainable implementation of the rules and laws for the security of our energy supply through competition, access to bilateral markets, anti-monopoly measures, least-cost power, and the protection of the environment.’

Despite being technology-neutral, he further assured the public that the DoE will continue to help protect the environment and address climate change concerns by exploring the utilization of the latest technologies that are environmentally sustainable.

With the DoE fully supportive of the current administration’s vision of inclusive progress, Cusi appealed to all energy family members to remain steadfast in the face of challenges and continue to improve as a unified energy sector. “I will be looking at how we do things and make the necessary changes if needed,” Cusi said, as he also called for their full cooperation and support for the programs being pursued by the Duterte administration

Now more than ever, we need to do our jobs as public servants committed to help the President realize all the necessary reforms to propel our country’s economy forward. Let this be our covenant and do everything that we can for a better Philippines,’ he said.

He further urged the members of the DoE family to reassess all practices and procedures being undertaken by the department and ensure their alignment with the overall thrust of the government to promote the Philippines as an investment destination.

“The President actively sought to put an end to corruption and red tape. We now even have the Ease of Doing Business, the EVOSS Law and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act. The appropriate policy systems are being set in place even for us in the energy sector. Thus, we do not have any excuse, except to deliver,” Cusi stressed.

To address these, Cusi established task force groups to improve all the relevant energy policies, programs and procedures and strongly advocated for a ‘mindset revolution’ to give rise to innovative thinking practices for the men and women of the DoE. Kudos!!


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