Sec. Locsin, please think before you tweet!

January 18, 2019

His acerbic style of messaging might be amusing to some people, but many now believe Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. seems unfit for a job necessitating a temperament needed to churn out appropriate diplomatic language.

Unless he intends to cause panic or inflame emotions that could ignite a war, our country’s top diplomat ought to tone down on his outlandishness that he’s been used to in spicing up his work in the past as a writer in dire need of shock value to catch attention.

In a job in which one is expected to behave within the bounds of decency to be deserving of the respect and honor naturally attached to such a prestigious position as DFA head, many believe he should do away with his seemingly mean-spirited style of weaving words, often highfalutin, apparently designed to have the target of his barbs shrivel in chagrin.

While Locsin’s manner of sending a message across may also give the impression that he can be incredibly honest or brutally frank, his supposedly honorable position at present obviously requires a degree of adroitness, tact, or circumspection essential in the pursuit of excellence in the field of diplomacy.

And being perceived as honest and truthful can be very pleasing to Filipinos tired of being lied to by public officials who resort to sugar coating, instead of simply telling things as they really are. Indeed, telling the truth can be rewarding, despite the proverb that “children and fools always speak the truth.”

But dishing out unconfirmed, unverified, or vague information could harm Locsin’s credibility as what might have already happened when he shot from the hip in revealing the passport data problem.

“Because previous contractor got pissed when terminated it made off with data. We did nothing about it or couldn’t because we were in the wrong,” Locsin said recently thru Twitter, sparking swift public outrage at the thought of massive data breach similar to “Comeleak” in the past.

“So for the DFA secretary no less to claim that a private contractor was able to run away with the passport data of millions of Filipinos — how the hell did that happen?” an editorial screamed. “And why was the government seemingly nonchalant about it, Locsin disclosing the information merely off the cuff, in a chat on his personal Twitter account and not even on the official DFA website?”

(To be continued)