Senators Dick should be lauded, not condemned

WHILE people are complaining about extra-judicial killings, which include riding-in-tandem assassinations, nobody has really done anything to prevent these killings as well as other crimes committed by motorcycle-riding criminals.

After every killing incident, authorities investigate the killing and sometimes they are lucky enough to solve it. Unfortunately, this is as often as a storm signal No. 5 ravaging the Sahara Desert. Translation? Solving crimes involving ‘RIT’ (riding-in-tandem) has always been far and in-between. Kumbaga, “suwertehan” na lang.

Although one of the solutions has been staring us at the face for the longest time, nobody has seen it, really. That, is, until Senator Richard “You-Know-Me” J. Gordon returned to the Senate. And this “solution” is really quite simple: make motorcycle plates bigger.

To recall, Sen. Dick has been proposing this even when his first term as a senator ended and on his return, he immediately filed Senate Bill 1128 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2016; he later on filed a substitute bill, Senate Bill No. 1397, or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017, which only last March 8, was finally signed into law by Pres. Digong as RA 11235.

Sen. Dick, who was also described by PRRD as definitely having the “qualities” of a Philippine president, has long been appalled by the number of people killed by RIT hitmen for decades now. And stopping this madness and impunity in our streets and neighborhoods has become one of his advocacies.

For let’s face it, dear readers. Most of the RIT killings have remained unsolved to this day.

In fact, in 2016, only 8 killings out of more than 4,000 RIT murders were solved.

And not to blame police incompetence or zealousness in going after the perpetrators, the plain fact too is that the police have difficulty in finding the assassins because motorcycle plate numbers are too small for witnesses to note as they scamper away.

Sadly too, even the most high-priced surveillance cameras would often fail to capture them, as noted to yours truly by NCRPO director, PM/Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, if the suspect motorcycle has a plate; in most occasions, they don’t have any plate number at all.

As such, the remedy is already clear and apparent -- with bigger, readable and color-coded number plates placed at the back of motorcycles plus another plate number placed at the front, criminals, who have become so used to motorcycles as their get-away vehicles, will now be deterred because they would no longer be able to get away with their criminal acts with impunity.

With such visible “identity” even from a distance, both witnesses and CCTVs can now come into play in helping authorities solve RIT crimes.

Now, over the brouhaha and agitation against RA 11235 by some ‘Riders Groups,’ this is all much ado about nothing, dear readers. One wonders too, if they ever got to read the law and “digested” its merits first before registering their angst?

Mukhang hindi naman binasang mabuti at “inunawa” ng mga grupong ito? Sadly too, our present crop of “bikers” are also the most abusive, most reckless and most ignorant about traffic rules, if a report by the LTO is to be the standard.

Kaya nga ang dami ring aksidente sa ating mga kalsada dahil ‘yung mga nasa manibela ng motorsiklo, wala namang disiplina.

Over this fact, any sane person would arrive at the conclusion that those opposing the law are spirited by the “mob rule mentality” -- trying to defeat a good law by their sheer number and noise.

Sen. Dick has crafted a good law aimed at putting sanity back in our streets by limiting crimes involving the fastest get away vehicles by criminals -- the motorcycle.

RA 11235 is a very commendable law and motorcycle riding groups should give it a chance to be implemented first. This law also protects motorcycle owners and riders too, not just the thousands of people falling victims to unscrupulous bike riders.

Indeed, if PDU30 turned down the proposed law allowing the use of ‘medical marijuana’ as he is aware that it would soon end up being abused by drug users and drug dealers, he did not show the same concern and hesitation when Sen. Dick’s proposal reached his table.

Instead, what the President did was to immediately reached for his signing pen and approve Sen. Dick’s proposal without hesitation. Kasi nga, kailangan, at “napapanahon,” tama ba, kapatid na Lee Ann Ducusin, hehehe!

In sum, Sen. Dick, should be lauded, not condemned, kaya… mabuhay ka, Sen. Dick!

Ayos na ba, kasamang Eli Maraon, hehehe!