She said/he said

October 12, 2018

Normally, ‘yang mga cases ng harassment na she said/he said like what happened to Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was accused of sexual harassment by a Mrs. Ford 36 years ago when they were teenagers of having sex with her.  But it is said that it was another boy who went to bed with her, a case of mistaken identity.  Unproven sexual harassment should prescribe after 10 years.  More graver cases of murder and other serious crimes, walang status of limitation.

Prescription of sexual harassment must be reported within a day/two days at most within 30 days, not naman 36, 40, 50 years after.

Congress could also pass a law applicable to minor and unproven cases of sexual harassment for we, Filipinos, tend to imitate what happens in the U.S., especially in Hollywood.

We were an American territory for 50 years or so and even in our movies and TV shows, we tend to imitate the American way.

Take note, what they are doing to President Trump.  Sexual harassment is hard to prove for it allegedly happened between two persons.  No 3rd party witnesses which in other cases end up in she said/he said.  There will be inaccuracies somewhere along the way.  And most often, they are simply flirtations, ‘yong tinatawag sa Tagalog na nag-gigirian, kapareho ng mga manok.


I have an advice to the young students:  They were too young or yet unborn during the Marcos Martial Law years.  Ask your parents, your elders for advice and their opinion on what exactly happened then for they are old enough to know.  The students now were too young to know what really happened then.


In the CNN TV program of Zacarias, his guests former Secretary Colin Powell and former Secretary Madelene Albright said that their parents were immigrants, contrary to what President Trump is now trying to control.

There are two different issues that need to be clarified: Both Powell’s and Albright’s ancestors entered America legally and documented.  That’s the difference of what Trump is up against – the illegal and undocumented immigrants sneaking into America.  It’s a matter of security for the country.  How can any citizen object to that?

Thus what President Trump is trying hard to control are those who are forcing their way in to America illegally; and totally undocumented.

We must admit that no country must allow illegal immigrants for any country with no control on illegal immigrants will soon lose its being a sovereign nation.

There are several ways of destroying the sovereignty of a country: One, through illegal immigrants; and two, economic sabotage; or economic takeover by foreigners; and invasion.

These are three things to watch out for if we are to preserve our sovereignty.

Thus, President Trump is right, contrary to what former candidate Hillary Clinton said in the TV interview she had with Christiane Amanpour on CNN that its un-American to disallow immigrants and “unconstitutional” to disallow immigrants to come to America – the “land of the free.”  That’s carrying it too far.  It depends.  The democrats are too loose.  Love of country starts with a great deal of conservatism, caution and love of one’s country.

What happened in the past when the American continent was conquered by the American was only populated by the American Indians, until the white Englishmen and others of European descent started coming in to America, legally and documented.


The filing of COCs in the Comelec has started for the May 13, Monday, elections this coming 2019.

May God help this country in choosing the right candidates for the sake of our future.

I did comment in facebook that the best and only tamper-proof machines in the world are the machines used by the lotto gaming.  I have written about this in 1996 for the machines can also be used for voting in an election.

I ran for President in 1998 just to find out what happens in an election and how the manual system works.  I must say, the system on the manual election is conducive to rigging.  The votes counted in the precincts are forwarded to the municipal level and so on and so forth.  Each transfer defies the integrity of the votes cast in the precinct level.  But looking back, machines not tamper-proof can produce whole sale cheating galore.

In the elections of 1998, we were eleven candidates for president, and nine candidates for vice president.  The count lasted for over a month, if I recall correctly.  On my part, after the 3rd week, my votes reached 2.8M as flashed daily on television.  Then instead of going up, my votes started going down everyday, which was a statistical improbability.  At the end of the counting after over a month, I was left with 18,000 votes only.  My votes counted went backward from 2.8M to only 18K.

I commented on this in my facebook late last night and I wish to correct a grievous mistake.  I accidentally put 28M when it should be 2point8 M.  I failed to put the dot in the middle.

Sorry po.  That’s a big, big unintentional mistake!     

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