‘Similarities’ between Duterte, Xi good for all of us

November 20, 2018

AS you were reading this, dear readers, Pres. Xi Jinping of China and Pres. Rody, are probably having the best of their times in faraway Davao to discuss more substantive concerns such as, how to further deepen the two countries’ relationship, notwithstanding the presence of irritant issues such as the West Philippine Sea.

This would be the second day of Pres. Xi’s official visit to the country, the second by China’s “supreme leader” since then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo laid the red carpet for Pres. Jiang Zemin in July 2005 (not 2015 as I wrote here yesterday; sorry for the slip of the mind, hehehe).

Of course, this would not be the first time that Pres. Xi would be coming to Manila. But whereas he was utterly shamed (walking all by himself) by Noynoy Aquino during the 2015 APEC Summit held here, he is expected, this time around, to feel the warmth of Filipinos whom he described in his pre-arrival statement as “honest and friendly people.”

The singular difference of course is that PDU30, upon the start of his administration, showed exemplary courage in striking a sovereign and independent posture in all of the Philippine government’s actions and initiatives.

The most challenging direction President Duterte took is the constitutional provision calling for our adoption of an “independent foreign policy” for the Philippines, which simply mean, “separation” from the dependency and subservience to the United States.

Nowhere was the correctness of this policy better demonstrated than in the situation at the WPS where, during the entire term of Noynoy and his gangmates, we are being “egged on” by the United States to become cannon fodders in its effort to instigate a war with China.

Mindful of this and also aware that we were once victim of an invasion by imperial Japan because of our being a “colony” of Uncle Sam, we are glad that PDU30 has not demonstrated the same puppetry to US Imperialism shamelessly displayed by his predecessor, Noynoy Aquino

Simply put, PDU30 does not want us, the Philippines, to again be the “launching pad” for US aggression and in creating tension here in Asia as what we used to be during US Imperialism’s aggression in the last five decades or more, from Korea to Vietnam.

Despite this, we are aware that the U.S. has been stepping up its aggressive rhetoric and announcing that it will send more FONOPs (Freedom of Navigation Operations) challenges by entering territories claimed by China.

And rightfully, President Duterte fears that such “yellow baiting” by Uncle Sam would trigger a conflict that would engulf the Philippines against its will and wellbeing.

Sa ating wika? “Ayaw” maging “tuta” ng mga dayuhan si Pang. Duterte, na hindi puwedeng sabihin sa lahat ng ating mga naging presidente, partikular na itong si Noynoy Aquino.

Filipinos, save for the few comprising of misguided and ideologically irrelevant among us, have no regret that President Duterte has taken this course.

The respect and admiration now accorded to us by other countries have benefitted us tremendously from assistance and aid from all countries including China and Russia, two countries that frown on weak and subservient leaders.

As a consequence, our erstwhile imperial masters, Japan, the European Union and even the United States suddenly realized that since the Philippines can no longer be taken for granted under ‘Tatay Digong,’ have realized that they need to “catch up” and offer their own version of assistance to the Philippines, this time with no more strings attached compared to before.

Intrigued by the persona of Xi Jinping, yours truly scoured Youtube and Google for hints and discover, to my amazement, that he has very much in common with PDU30, peksman!

For one, as a provincial party official and even up to the time that he was elected president, Xi Jinping, like PDU30, has been known for his modesty, moderation, discipline -- and hatred for corruption.

And if Pres. Duterte has not shown any hesitation in battling the elite oligarchy, forcing to pay their taxes and calling them to task for their past excesses, Pres. Xi was also not afraid to wage war on the most entrenched and most powerful “faction” in the Communist Party -- the corrupt elements within the powerful Military Commission and the Central Committee.

Having gotten rid of them (a few were allegedly “induced” to commit suicide rather than face public trial and public execution thus saving their families from utter humiliation), no one should now be surprised that China’s military continue with its unstoppable march to parity with the United States.

And the Communist Party, far from crumbling due to internal decay, now a revitalized body ready to implement the goals for the country laid down by the People’s Congress and the decisions of Pres. Xi.

Like Pres. Duterte too and unlike their Western counterparts, Pres. Ji also has no time for such leisurely pastimes as golf.

He is constantly on the go, putting together an international network of countries from Asia to Europe to South America to South Africa to the South Pacific and Asean, asking them for their cooperation with China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ aimed at not only reviving the famed ‘Silk Road’ trade routes of old but more importantly, putting global trade on a better footing.

On this, the NPC, dear readers, is also witnessed as to how China is aggressively pursuing the BRI, after being invited to participate in the global media gathering in Beijing last June.

It was, indeed, quite an experience that even elicited a comment from NPC president, Lakay Gonzalo, who was with me during the trip, that “if this (modern China) is what communism is all about, then let’s become communist too!’ Hehe!

Over such similarities in character and disposition between Pres. Xi and Pres. Digong, Sino-Philippine relations, according to Pres. Xi, have indeed “seen the rainbow after the rain.”

Mabuti naman!