Social Media

October 20, 2018

Times have indeed changed. And fast. With social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, SnapChat, and others, we in the newspaper industry are catching up. Is there a cause of worry? There will always be people who prefer to read the hard copy. Call it convenience or force of habit of just their choice of lifestyle.

They want a newspaper to hold with their breakfast coffee and to go back to. These are the people who will not go to their computers, laptops, cellphones, if they can help it. They want pages to turn. When you react to newspaper stories, you can usually answer within a day or two. But with social media, it’s a different story. You must respond to issues ASAP or as soon as possible.

That’s how fast news travels and issues are raised. Because of this new trend in responding to crisis or issues, we now have a new audience, the millennials, who want answers and actions fast. They are usually impatient and want things done right away. They also want answers within minutes or hours although the latter is already too long for them. Also, with social media, you can be anonymous.

That is why I am glad the Data Privacy Act is already there and those who invade and violate our privacy can be penalized as well. Let’s hope this will discourage the bashers and those committing libel right and left to destroy a reputation or engaging in hacking your sites. Social media is a different world and as such, training is needed and experts on this form of communication are now in demand. It is important to be always available when it comes to social media because within minutes, a reputation can be destroyed. And you also have to have your own followers to support you in various issues.

With the election period now heating up, expect the use of social media by many of the candidates. They will be promoting themselves and it will be difficult to sift the truth from the false unless there are those out there who will debunk whatever comes out of a candidate’s social media outlets. So what can you do on your own? Either you join or you just stick to dissociating yourself from social media for a peaceful life. Many opting for the latter in order to destress themselves.

So there you have it. Are you in social media or not? If yes, you need to be on the alert all the time and respond or support issues right away. And it is also hard to discern the truth unless you yourself decide to always side or tell the truth.