Strictly no room for dishonesty at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

February 10, 2019

Just as he is very supportive and generous in commending acts of honesty, he is equally harsh in dealing with those who are not.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal made this very clear when he, after a series of award-giving for airport workers who have displayed acts of honesty in line of duty, he revoked the pass of a female worker who took for herself a cellphone left behind by a passenger.

On various occasions, Monreal has publicly lauded airport personnel who return money, bags, gadgets, etcetera that are inadvertently left behind by passengers who are usually in a hurry or simply careless. Even those who are instrumental in tracing ownership of such items are equally commended.

Time and again, he would call on airport personnel to emulate such kind deeds, so that when one single incident tried to break the culture of honesty he had been promoting at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, he dealt with it the most appropriate way possible, demonstrating that clearly, there is no room for dishonest workers at the NAIA terminals.

He was truly disappointed when a car rental employee at the airport was found to have -- and admitted -- that she took the cellphone left inside a toilet cubicle by Cindy Dumaop, an OFW from Sultan Kudarat.

Dumaop sent a message to the MIAA’s Facebook page to express her gratitude to members of the Police Intelligence and Investigation Division (PIID) for being able to recover her cellphone.  She was washing her hands when she realized that she left her cellphone inside the toilet cubicle she had just used.  She waited for the woman who used the same toilet after her and upon asking, the woman denied having seen Dumaop’s phone on the ledge where Dumaop said she had left it.

Dumaop decided to seek help from the NAIA Terminal 2 Airport Police who responded to her request for assistance. APO1 Mark Anthony Castillo proceeded to the cubicle and finding nothing, endorsed the matter to the PIID for further investigation.

MIAA Operatives APO2 Ada Mari Campos, APO1s Jeffrey Mergilla, Jericho Kim Patriarca, Gerber Argales and Edzel Biag obtained the CCTV footage which showed a female personnel proceeding to the car rental lounge who was later identified by Dumaop as the same lady who used the toilet after her and who  denied having seen her phone at all.

During questioning, the said lady admitted having taken the said cellphone and then apologized to Dumaop who decided not to file any criminal charges against her but opted to pursue instead with an administrative case.

Monreal said the agent clearly violated MIAA Memorandum Circular 07, series 2010 for not turning over to the Lost and Found section the mobile phone she had found inside the said  toilet cubicle.  Her duty pass had been revoked and she was included in the MIAA’s ‘Stop List’ meaning she is no longer allowed to set foot at the airport premises.

The fact that the culture of honesty prevails at the NAIA terminals is proven by the surprise news that the MIAA’s lost and found deposited to the national treasury money in different currencies worth a total of P874,000. The said monies were unclaimed by passengers and left at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals for the past one to two years.

Other unclaimed items have also been donated to orphanages near the NAIA, as Monreal directed that they be given to institutions taking care either of children or the elderly.

In total, the MIAA donated 16 baby strollers to the Santa Rita Orphanage located on Dr. A Santos Avenue in Sucat, Parañaque City. Another 16 strollers were given to the Home for the Angels child caring foundation in San Andres Bukid, Manila while  98 pieces of walking canes were also donated to the Samahan Ng Senior Citizens at Barangay 201 in Pasay City.

Nice, isn’t it?

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