Taft Avenue incident an eye-opener re kid offenders

September 16, 2018

A shocking video went viral over the weekend.  It showed a hapless man, elderly at that, being ganged up on by a group of youngsters who were trying to steal his bag in the middle of a traffic, in broad daylight and along a thoroughfare as busy as Taft Avenue.

The appalling incident took place along Taft Avenue near the corner of Pedro Gil Street and was uploaded by one Nathaniel Javier Jamolin, reportedly a licensed engineer.

Jamolin was obviously in a bus based on the angle of the video. He was said to have first noticed the group of youngsters boarding the said jeepney and thinking that they would just beg for alms or ask for food, he decided to videotape them via his cellphone, not expecting what happened next.                                 

The video began with the minors storming into a Baclaran-bound passenger jeepney with plate number TXH-214. Moments later, some of the passengers were then seen getting off quickly, apparently to avoid the wayward kids and the commotion inside the jeep.

Seconds later, the said elderly man was seen getting off with a couple of the said youngsters while fighting for possession of his bag which was already being pulled from him by one of the boys. For Christ’s sake, it was a mere ecobag!

Anyway, the poor senior citizen even fell to the ground as he continued holding on to his bag, until he managed to stand up again. Jamolin said that as the bus he was in began to move again, he even saw the kids still pursuing the victim who headed southbound, still along Taft Avenue.  He had no more idea what happened after that since his bus was moving toward the opposite direction.

The Manila Police District-Police (MPD) Station 5 led by its commander, Supt. Igmedio Bernaldez rounded up all seven, said to be aged between nine and 14, as soon as the said video went viral on social media.     

According to Supt. Carlo Manuel, the new spokesman of the MPD, the minors -- five girls and two boys- were turned over to the Manila Reception and Action Center.

What makes the incident even more disgusting is that it took place at around 1:50 p.m., in full view of so many, in broad daylight and in a very busy area and yet,  no one bothered to help the victim, not even the drivers either of the bus or the jeepneys that were there.

The fact that no one lifted a finger to help shows that the public is either merely apathetic or too afraid of getting involved in any way, even if those involved are only minors.

That area had long been the subject of complaints, particularly of students who either pass by or wait for a ride and who say that snatching and even holdup incidents have become commonplace there.     

Lawmakers who register objection to proposals to amend the law so as to lower the age of criminal liability or age of discernment among youth offenders must take a good look at the said video and rethink their position.                     

The youngsters of today are way much different from those of the past, so that applying the so-called kids’ glove on them is no longer feasible. In no time, these minors will surely be out and back to their old ways, victimizing innocent, helpless civilians. Hayzzzzz…

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On the advise of a close friend, a relative of mine brought his laptop to the PC 4 U Store for a second opinion after he was given an exorbitant estimate for repair when he first went to a mall. He was surprised to have been told that all he needed to do was buy a new adapter which meant a lot of savings for him.

It’s good to know that these days, there are still honest people around. By the way, the said store is located near the chapel of the said mall.

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Jokjok (from Gerald Allianaga of Potrero, Malabon) -- PEDRO: Pare, bakit maswerte ang kalendaryo?/JUAN:Baket?/PEDRO: Dahil marami siyang date. Eh bakit malungkot pa rin ang kalendaryo kahit marami siyang date?/JUAN: Baket?/ PEDRO: Eh kasi bilang na ang araw niya...

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