Taho incident no laughing matter for BI, PNP

February 14, 2019

FIRST of all, belated Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!

On this very special month of love, let us not confine our greetings and display of affection only to our partners, our so-called ‘other half’ or those we love in the romantic sense.

Let’s not forget to extend the same gestures of love to our siblings, children, relatives and friends and most specially, to our parents and elders. Actually, we should be doing this everyday while we still have them by our side.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make everyday a Valentine’s Day?

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Two ugly incidents involving Chinese nationals were headliners the past couple of days.

Over the weekend, 19-year-old Zhang Yang, said to be an employee of an online casino operating in the country,  reportedly  molested three teenaged girls while inside the Star City in Pasay City. He is now facing charges of acts of lasciviousness.

And then there is of course, the now more infamous case of  Jiale Zhang, the 23-year-old fashion design student who threw soy pudding or ‘taho’ at PO1 William Cristobal of the Police Community Precinct (PCP) 5 of the Mandaluyong City Police, when the latter prohibited her from bringing in the ‘taho’ inside the MRT station, pursuant to the ban on bringing in of liquids into the LRT and MRT trains as a precautionary measure resulting from the recent bombings in Jolo, Sulu.    With the PNP hierarchy backing him up, Cristobal filed charges of direct assault, disobedience to an agent in authority and unjust vexation against Jiang before the Mandaluyong City Prosecutor’s Office.

I haven’t heard of any news about the alleged child molester expressing regrets.  In the case of Jiale, she tearfully apologized and said she was just in a bad mood and not able to control her emotions.  She also admitted her mistake and said  she feels ‘so regretful’ and is ‘really very sorry and I ask if possible to have another chance for me (sic).’

I hope I’m wrong but I think I heard her lawyer on TV, sort of laughing off the incident and downplaying it as ‘a very, very minor omission which just went viral’, adding that ‘it’s (incident) a case where someone got emotional over an incident.

As for me and I’m sure majority of Filipinos would agree, the said incident is certainly not a ‘very, very minor omission’ and definitely not a laughing matter as it strikes a very sensitive chord among Filipinos who have such a high  regard for this country’s symbols of  authority,  our laws and their enforcers, specially members of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Mandaluyong Chief  Supt. Moises Villaceran, Jr. could not have said it any better.  He said that an apology would not suffice since ‘ang nadumihan, hindi lang po tao but the institution ng PNP.’ Indeed, the utter disrespect shown by Jiale toward a uniformed police officer cannot be downplayed.

In my own personal experience as a media member, even during short visits to other countries, we are given a list of ‘do’s and don’t’s’ so as to make sure that we do not violate any laws or offend customs, traditions and regulations and we follow them to the letter. 

Even as plain tourists or residents, we Filipinos seriously observe all the rules and regulations of countries we visit, knowing that our stay is not a matter of right but a mere privilege that may be taken away should we abuse it in any way.

At our premier airport terminals, disrespecting immigration officers  could be a basis for prohibiting an arriving foreign passenger from setting foot into the country at all.

‘It’s simple logic.  If a foreigner could not respect Philippine authorities specially those donning uniforms which make them become symbols of government authority , how could you expect them to respect plain citizens and follow our laws to the letter? 

Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the full force of the law will be applied on the two Chinese nationals.

While the molested girls’ parents are yet to formally lodge a complaint with the BI, Sandoval said Jiale has already been charged as an undesirable alien for posing a risk to public interest, as the incident she got involved in showed her disrespect towards persons of authority, which in turn shows her disrespect to the country.

On Jiale’s pronouncements that tend to downplay the ‘taho’ incident, Sandoval had this to say, in behalf of the BI -- ‘We’re taking it seriously as it shows not only disrespect of a person in authority but also disrespect to the country.’ Agree! Totally!!!

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Jokjok (from Manolo Carpio of Caloocan City) --  PEDRO: Pare, sagutin mo ‘to kung talagang magaling ka. May isang tandang, nasa bubong. Saan nangitlog ang tandang?/JUAN: Sus, kailangan pa ba ng galing diyan sa tanong na ‘yan? Eh di sa bubong!/PEDRO: Hahahh.!! Tanga! Kelan pa nangitlog ang tandang, aber?!?

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