Thank God 4 cops now recovered form COVID-19

FOUR policemen who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered, the latest of them two living in Metro Manila, the Philippine National Police leadership said yesterday as it renewed its appeal to the public to continue supporting and praying for the front-liners in the battle against the deadly virus.

The 3rd and 4th policemen who were infected by the virus but have already recovered and were discharged from the hospital were PNP Patient No. 2, a 31-year-old cop from Manila and PNP Patient No. 9, a 55-year-old policeman from Quezon City, said PNP spokesman, Brigadier General Bernard M. Banac.

As of last Sunday, the PNP Health Service headed by Brig. Gen. Herminio S. Tadeo Jr. have recorded two new cases bringing the total of COVID-19- positive PNP personnel to 27.

Banac said PNP Patient No. 26 is a 52-year-old assigned in Metro Manila who is now undergoing self-quarantine and treatment.

He added that a 34-year old  policewoman tagged as PNP Patient No. 27 by the PNP Health Service had earlier succumbed to illness and was confirmed to have been infected by the virus following tests conducted by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine. Two policemen have died after contacting the virus.

The PNP-HS has recorded a total of 52 PNP personnel who are categorized as Probable Persons Under Investigation (Probable PUIs) including 12 Police Commissioned Officers and 40 Police Non-Commissioned Officers.

Another 257 personnel were recommended as Suspected Persons Under Investigation (Suspected PUIs). They include 59 PCOs, 177 PNCOs and 21 Non-Uniformed Personnel.

A total of 1,339 PNP personnel are listed as Possible Case of Persons Under Monitoring (PUM). They are composed of 313 PCOs, 972 PNCOs and 54 NUPs.

Likewise, 1,789 personnel which includes 1,493 Possible PUMs, 246 Probable PUIs and 50 Suspected PUIs have completed self/home quarantine and have been tested negative of the virus, said Banac.

PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa said that final preparations are underway for the deployment of the PNP medical corps and health care personnel to the government quarantine facility at the Philippine International Convention Center.

A walk-thru inspection was conducted on Black Saturday by PNP-HS officials at the facility located at the PICC Forum Tent. The facility was designed to cater to 294 patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 cases.

The PNP-HS will be in-charge of medical operations in the quarantine facility.

“The PNP, with our corps of medical and healthcare personnel, is honored to take on this crucial responsibility in our national efforts to stand our ground against COVID-19 and heal the land of this contagion. This health facility at PICC will provide supportive care to anyone who will be admitted under close supervision of the PNP Health Service and DOH,” said Gen. Gamboa.

NCRPO’S patient no.3 recovers –Sinas

National Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas has announced the recovery from COVID-19 of an NCRPO personnel after being confined at the RITM for more than two weeks.

Sinas said patient no. 3 successfully battled the dreaded disease and has been cleared for discharge by RITM officials. “But despite leaving the RITM, Patient No. 3 will  still be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine inside the NCRPO headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan while continuously taking his medications,” the official said.

At present, NCRPO has nine COVID-19 patients, four of whom are already recovering. Sinas said that the four found to be COVID-19 positive have already recovered and tested negative after two consecutive COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction tests.

He said that there are no COVID-19 death in the metropolitan police force and hope it will remain the same.

"We are not COVIC-19-resistant. As we head on to the frontline, the risks that we will be infected by this disease is high. Hence, we are strictly implementing precautionary measures. This is our duty and we will carry on the task. So please, stay home to prevent the virus from spreading further,” Sinas told the public.

NCRPO agents are securing the Metro Manila boundaries by manning Quarantine Control Points 24/7 to ensure that the virus will no longer thrive and spread to neighboring towns, cities and municipalities, Sinas said.

He added that frontline health workers are attending to those who are already infected and others who are possible carriers of the disease.

"We celebrate with the family, friends and loved ones of our comrade patient no.3 for his recovery. We are proud of him for fighting a good fight. We can't be any happier to see him back. His experience is a clear manifestation that the Good Lord blesses his cops in the frontlines and strengthens us amidst this crisis,” Sinas said.