Thanks Mocha

October 04, 2018

MOCHA Uson did the right thing when she  gave up her post at the PCOO. A good friend from the Duterte administration calls it “an act that puts the interest of the administration above her personal interest.”

She did the right thing and she showed more delicadeza than most government officials who cling on to their positions no matter what.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded Uson’s stint at the PCOO, she had been, on the whole, an asset to President Duterte and his administration.

While she has drawn a lot of criticism for her unconventional ways of dealing with issues and communicating her views and opinions, she nevertheless continues to command the following of a huge segment of the masses whose support for the President has not wavered.

Uson, back to being private citizen and free from the constraints of being a government official, can be a more effective advocate and supporter of President Duterte’s program of government -- and antidote to the President’s critics.

Now that she’s free, she has more power to do what she needs to do in support of the President and his administration and
defense against critics and detractors.

* * *

On the other hand, an equally good friend from the opposite political fence didn’t like the way Uson threatened to wage war against critics of her and the administration.

“Nanakot pa ha, oh my goodness,” she said. But I retorted: “Why not? She has five million plus solid followers in social media.” Those potential voters can make a decisive swing to favor or dump any candidate  in national and local elections.

Now that she’s really out of government, she can really be a very mean ‘machine gun’ to those who pounced on her and the Duterte regime.

If detractors of Duterte really thought that Uson was that bad,  they could have simply allowed her to stay in office to wreak more havoc in his government and eventually cause it to destroy itself.

But maybe they missed that part. Let’s now see how Mocha settles the score.

* * *

It’s also now interesting how the Presidential Communications Group would perform without Mocha. The group led by Secretary Martin Andanar is silent about Uson’s departure from public service,  but I’m pretty sure it gave them a very good deal of  relief.

It’s also time for Andanar to get a share of the spotlight being the head of the department tasked to build up the image of the Duterte administration.

Make some noise Martin.

* * *

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