Thing I wanted but failed to say at the PierreYani wedding

There is something I have to confess to my family and guests at the recent wedding of my niece Arianne ‘Yani’ Manuel to Engr. Pierre Anthony Briones. I was delivering a short message when I had to cut it short. In fact, too short. It was because I felt that I was nearing that stage where  I would choke up and cry -- again and I did not want to ruin the occasion.

Besides, the results of the photo shoot minutes prior to the wedding itself already did not yield  beautiful photos of mine -- when I was told to smile at the bride and I had to do so while fighting back a stream of tears -- as in fact, they elicited laughter from the crowd and even myself when such was shown later at the reception. So, no more crying for me at that time. Heheheh…

Anyway, it is never too late to state some of the things I should have -- but failed to -- say that evening.

My family and I, most particularly, wish to thank so many people who took their precious time out and spent a lot of money and effort to be part of the said wedding ceremony.

First of all, to my beloved and wonderful bosses Sir Gus Villanueva and Madam Tess Lardizabal who were there although the hours they spent were very crucial being the time of our newspapers’ deadline; Mayor Fred Lim, his chief of staff Ric de Guzman and Manila third district Councilor Bernie Ang who are very, very busy considering that the wedding day coincided with the day that followed the kick-off of the official campaign period for local candidates; fellow reporter/ columnist and businessman Vic Reyes also of People’s Tonight who travelled all the way from his far-away residence and had to do the driving  himself; and Donya Penelope ‘Penny’ Belmonte, the beauteous and very humble executive director of the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) who had six more events lined up that day. The fact that they made a personal appearance at the Church is very, highly appreciated, given their very tight schedules and the amount of work they skipped to be in the event.

I also was no longer able to acknowledge the fact that Arianne’s lack of full, biological sisters was more than compensated by the bunch of good, old friends that she has had since gradeschool and who each lent a great helping hand to make her wedding successful and beautiful.

To my surrogate nieces, thank you and you guys know I love you all -- Apple Alexis Alvarez and Natasha Karla Arevalo who served as the matron and maid of honor, respectively and who had been with Arianne through most of her ups and downs along with bridesmaid Kristine Anne Roque; Eugene Laida Zamora who played cupid cum bridesmaid; Dr. Anaflor Melundo, who also served as her bridesmaids and whose medical expertise is sought by Ariane from time to time; Much thanks too to Stephanie Cabanes and Katrina Principe who stood as secondary sponsors and who have been of much help to Arianne as her schoolmates and close friends during her college days at the University of Santo Tomas. Steph, aka Salma Hayek, flew from Singapore where she is currently based just to be with Arianne on her special day.  

Special thanks too to Arianne’s boss at Avida, Teresa Tatco and her friend and officemate Donabel Fernandez who also devoted much of their precious time and effort to be at the wedding.

Our family is also very grateful to the extended parents of Arianne, who I know are constantly there for her even without her asking for it -- Tasha’s parents Juan and Rita Arevalo and Apple’s parents Maximo Allan and Amalia Martin.

Most of all, my love and thanks to my beloved, one and only hundred percent biological brother -- Eduardo “Ed” Cabayan and his wonderful wife Kathleen Hojas-Cabayan; daughter Richelle Cabayan-Fujimoto, husband Kie Fujimoto and son Joseph Fujimoto, who, being US-based, had to fly thousands of miles just to be present at the Pierre-Yani wedding.  They all had to sacrifice their jobs just to make it to the Philippines in time for the said affair and be with the entire family and Joseph had to miss two weeks of school.

Thank God for the gift of family, relatives and friends like them.

* * *

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* * *

Jokjok (from Mikey Garing of Sampaloc, Manila) -- A teacher was teaching her class about the difference between right and wrong... Teacher: All right children, if I were to get into a man’s pocket and take his wallet with all his money, what would I be?/Juan: Ma’m!/Teacher: Yes?/Juan:You’d be his wife!!

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