A timely call

November 24, 2018

THERE’S a growing sentiment across the globe that there’s a need for industrialized nations to take up the responsibility to help countries that suffer the brunt of climate-related disasters.

No less than President Duterte himself has called anew on industrialized countries to provide assistance to developing nations in their efforts to address the worsening problem of global warming.

Climate action and ambition must be shared and demonstrated by all the world’s nations, said President Duterte in a message to the leaders’ summit of the 48-member Climate Vulnerable Forum.

The forum is a partnership of nations that are disproportionately affected by a rapidly-warming planet. In 2015, the Philippines chaired the group, where it oversaw the adoption of the Manila-Paris Declaration.

The historic Paris Agreement, which spelled the concerns and commitments of vulnerable countries throughout the world, was ratified by the Philippine government in March last year.

The hard-hitting Duterte had earlier said that the agreement would be a “farce” if developed countries would not be compelled to follow the pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In fact, in one or two decades, the world faces food and water scarcity, coral reef bleaching, diseases and other societal crises if the business-as-usual trend of carbon emissions continues.

Evidence during the past years shows the gradually increasing sea temperatures have been pushing coral reefs closer against tolerance levels.

Unless concerned authorities exert concerted efforts to arrest global warming, rising ocean temperatures would systematically bleach and destroy the world’s remaining coral reefs.

World experts agree that the destruction of coral reefs, which take years to recover, would have untold consequences for fisheries. Millions of people depend on reefs for their livelihood.

Thus, we share the view of various quarters that heeding President Duterte’s call, described by many as “timely,” will go a long way in addressing the problem of climate change.