Tougher anti-COVID measures Camp Crame

August 05, 2020

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa has ordered the streamlining of operations of all regulatory offices inside Camp Crame as part of their effort to help contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus in the PNP national headquarters.

As part of the measure, the PNP Headquarters Support Service headed by Brigadier Gen. Alexander J. Sampaga was ordered to ensure that only a maximum of 950 clients will be allowed entry inside the camp from Monday to Friday starting this week.

The PNP chief said they are implementing the new measures that will streamline operations of all police regulatory units and offices to cope with the heavy demand of securing requirements at Camp Crame.

The PNP leadership’s attention was earlier called amid observations regarding the daily presence of  long queues of security guards in uniform applying for the renewal of their licenses at the PNP One-Stop-Shop building. Some security guards who were tired of falling in line even decided to spend the night outside Camp Crame’s Gate 2 in EDSA in order to be the first in the next morning’s line, videos of which went viral.

PNP Deputy Chief for Administration and concurrent commander of the Administrative Support to COVID-19 Operations Task Force (ASCOTF), Lieutenant Gen. Camilo Pancratius P. Cascolan recommended the new measure in order to restrict the movement of civilians inside Camp Crame which has also not been spared by the deadly virus.

Brig. Gen. Sampaga in turn said they will strictly enforce the rules and regulations under their streamlined operations  to protect the camp from further human-to-human transmission and resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

“We see the need to adopt more measures and protocols designed to extensively reduce if not eliminate person-to-person transactions inside Camp Crame, particularly among the many PNP front-liner services to contain the threat of COVID-19 ,” the PNP chief said.

The PNP-HSS has released an advisory that all frontline servicing units/offices shall follow the reduced maximum number of clients policy and a color-coded queue card which will be used to maintain the allocated maximum transaction per day to 950 clients.

As required by the PNP-HSS, the One-Stop Shop building near Camp Crame’s Gate 2 will only entertain 250 applicants for security guard licenses being issued by the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies while the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office will cater to only 200 clients.

On the other hand, the PNP-SOSIA will only cater to 150 clients during weekdays while the PNP Permit-to-Carry-Firearms-Outside-of-Residence office and the Retirement and Benefits Administration Service will serve only 50 clients each day.

The Camp Crame branch of the Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc. and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Savings and Loan Association, Inc. will also entertain a maximum of 100 clients every weekday. Another 50 clients will also be entertained at the Heritage Park which is screening all visitors for COVID clearances.

“Even under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) , the frontline servicing units of the National Headquarters are always on track to serve our thousands of clients that needs police requirements for their employment, license, and others,” Gen. Gamboa said.

Sampaga also reiterated that curfew hours inside the National Headquarters will be still implemented from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day as part of their preventive measures against the contagion.

All Camp Crame-based office and units are encouraged to conduct disinfection and decontamination of their offices. This initiative can be requested at the HSS for scheduling, Sampaga said.

Last May, the PNP-HSS implemented much stricter security and health protocols inside Camp Crame under the ‘New Normal’ as part of its effort to secure the camp and prevent the entry of persons who may  be COVID-19 carriers.

Under the new measure, all police personnel and guests and other visitors are now required to present several requirements for a QR Code which will be their ‘ticket’ to the camp.

“We are doing this in order to protect the camp from further human-to-human transmission and resurgence of COVID-19 cases. To do this, we want to limit the entry of civilians/visitors who have not been tested in order to protect the gains in our health management since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine,” Sampaga said.

The PNP-HSS has also implemented its Visitor Control System Through Advance Registration (CTIDGS)  to pre-register civilians/visitors entering the camp; control the entry of people who have not been tested for COVID-19; and for Contact Tracing purposes.

“The rule here is that those without medical clearance or certificate must proceed to our holding area to accomplish a Self-Assessment Form and Contact Tracing Form,” said Sampaga.

Since last March 16, a total of 11 police officers and men have died due to the virus while 823 have recovered.

The PNP Health Service headed by Brigadier General Herminio S. Tadeo Jr. said they are also monitoring a total of 850 Probable Persons Under Investigation and 2,521 Suspected PUIs from the police force.