A traffic solution

March 02, 2019

There is now talk that MMDA is thinking of once again banning single passenger private cars along EDSA in order to lessen the traffic.

Is this really the solution?

Although it will be implemented only during peak hours, still, is this really the solution?

Unless the rule can really be strictly implemented, it will take a lot of discipline and manpower to enforce this.

So how about trying this scheme. What about a fast lane for vehicles with two or more passengers as is being done for the bus lane? And for single passenger vehicles, these are given a lane that will be not so fast in travel time.

This way, those vehicles with two or more passengers are assured of a moving lane and is also a way of encouraging car pooling.

Even if this will entail more manpower to enforce the rules, there will definitely be inconvenience for many when private vehicles do not follow the rules.

Even today, bus lanes are for faster moving buses although there are times private vehicles avail of this lane, in case of not finding a traffic enforcer that will penalize them. For example, the motorcycle lane which is right in the middle of EDSA can be used for multi-passenger vehicles.

The idea is to ensure a faster moving lane for those who will help and avail of carpooling while those who insist on single passenger vehicles can suffer the traffic inconvenience.

This is more doable rather than outright banning of single passenger cars. I also noticed that there are more P2Ps around and this is quite encouraging.

Commuters just want to get to their workplace and other destinations with the least delay and are even willing to pay a reasonable fare rate as long as it is not exorbitant.

The use of side streets is of course another alternative as long as there are traffic enforcers in strategic corners.

What is needed as well is a massive information campaign with a lot of signages to inform commuters and pedestrians.

If we are obedient to traffic rules and regulations in other countries or even here where these are strictly enforced, why can’t we do the same along the entire length of EDSA and Commonwealth Avenue? Sure, there will be a lot of roads, skyways, and bridges that will be constructed in the coming months but these have to be done.

These constructions are necessary and even long delayed for us to ease the traffic congestions that are increasing by the day simply because we failed to catch up where mass transportation is concerned.

The only way to progress is for all of us to suffer a lot of inconvenience for the meantime but this is the way to move forward.

It will take a few years but after this, hopefully, everything will be more convenient to the commuters.

We just need patience and a lot of understanding.