Traslacion can be orderly

January 10, 2019

FUTURE holding of the Traslacion in Manila can be orderly if specific rules are established and observed by the millions of participants of  the yearly activity. The apparent lack  of guidance for the crowd to follow during the highly-attended religious event paves the way for chaos.

But such disorder wont happen if all the stakeholders of Traslacion, including its organizers and participants, will be governed by a number of do’s and dont’s.

Many parts of Manila were ‘abused’  by reckless participants of Traslacion, destroying city road adornments, throwing garbages anywhere and turning public places into virtual toilets. Allowing them to do such wrongdoings could mean its okay and they will do the same in the next Traslacion. It has to be stopped.

The Traslacion can be held without these menaces especially if the participants truly understand the meaning of the occasion. Observing the fest of the Black Nazarene is an affirmation and celebration of the Filipinos’ Catholic faith. There’s nothing in the Catholic beliefs that promote disorder and chaos.

And so rules are needed if we want an orderly Traslacion in the years to come. One could deal with cleanliness. As we have seen, the roads in Manila were littered with all kinds of garbage during and after the  recent Traslacion.

Participants should be made aware that throwing wastes anywhere is unacceptable. Littering should be properly dealt with by the authorities or organizers of the event.

Another important rule that can be implemented deals with the age of participants of Traslacion. It was noted that a lot of children are already risking their lives by joining the activity. Many of them don’t even know why they are there. Leaders of the event should strictly prohibit kids from participating in the event.

The millions of participants can also be managed by cell groups or organizations to better monitor and control the activity. With leaders of each group or organization tasked to be accountable for their members, controlling and monitoring participants can be handled.

These are just a few of the rules that can be pushed and adopted by Traslacion organizers to make the event orderly and safe for everybody.

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