Trump acquitted

February 10, 2020

The impeachment charges against President Trump has finally ended. It was like an unending witch-hunt. From the day then Mr. Donald John Trump announced his candidacy for president some four years ago, the media started bashing him to the point of being so unkind to Mr. Trump. It continued when he won, continued when he sat in office and it kept on going without let-up till the Senate acquitted him last week.

As a candidate and a sitting President, wala na silang ginawa kundi atakihin si President Trump; charging him of everything and anything the biased media could throw against him, including old women who were allegedly “hired” to accuse President Trump of “rape” in his younger days; and the biased members of the media just went on and on in trying to destroy President Trump.

Many people observed that even women older than President Trump’s mother had a heyday in accusing the President with their wild stories. Many were ugly that men would not touch. Knowing Mr. Trump, he had an eye for beauty. How then could he had wasted time on those ugly ones who came forward to accuse him? It cannot be compared with President Clinton’s impeachment for something happened inside the White House with a female member of his staff. That’s why he had to apologize to the public. But on President Trump’s part, there was no reason for him to apologize for he did not commit those accusations thrown at him. It is now his turn to hit back; and rightfully so.

On the part of President Trump, the media just made it difficult for him to govern, which hampered his presidency to improve America on his campaign of “America First.” He really meant to do it for his love of country; and frankly he did despite those who really tried to make him inutile. They did not succeed.

America has changed tremendously for the better since President Trump sat in office, a success despite the vicious campaign to destroy him.

Many people in the U.S. and in other countries who admire President Trump, believe that the opposition just wanted to destroy President Trump for they knew the great potentials of Mr. Trump in governance. It’s all political. President Trump is a very strong candidate in the coming elections in November. Hard to beat!

Let it be said that the State of the Union Address he delivered was the best I have heard from a President of the United States of America. His speech was so humane, acknowledging where the greatness of America lies – its forgotten heroes in all endeavors. He gave respect to all Americans who sacrificed so much for love of country, never remembered and easily forgotten. It opened the eyes and hearts of all Americans known for being empathetic towards their fellowmen. His message of respect to all sectors of the American society were given recognition and credit, especially those who sacrificed their lives in the service of the nation.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi tried to degrade President Trump’s excellent State of the Union Address. The members of the opposition (including Pelosi) were taken aback as to how well and sincerely the members of Congress received the President’s speech. His speech was so warmly received. The Democrats who were against President Trump felt that his State of the Union Address was overwhelmingly accepted; and it should for it showed the greatness of the American people. Frankly, to President Trump’s credit, he humbled himself by showing to the entire world how great the American people are, greater than him – put together. Ipinakita niya na may mga tao na mas importante pa sa kanya.

As to those who continue to criticize President Trump, they cannot deny that acknowledging those who deserved to be praised had a tremendous impact on the hearts of the American people. They were not forgotten after all. It set a very good example especially on the youth; a special message to always acknowledge a good deed.  

President Trump is truly “unifying the country.” Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s ripping the copy of President Trump’s speech was not only in poor taste but very degrading on her part. She should have not done that. It only showed that she was disturbed by the overall acceptance of President Trump’s speech and she tried to show her defiance, which I don’t believe the majority of Americans would buy. But she must admit her act of ripping insulted more those President Trump acclaimed and showed respect to. That’s where the impropriety lies, not on Trump. On hindsight, has Cong. Nancy Pelosi ever mentioned that there are greater women than her? I’ll give you one: Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt!  

In closing, the media must change. The hatred against President Trump is too much to accept. It’s a fantasy, a tale with no credibility anymore. The more they hate President Trump to the point of making him an underdog, made Americans love him more. Inventing accusations cannot put a good man down!  

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